Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It feels like it's been YEARS of work (and maybe it has), but we'd like to be the first one to welcome you to our new website! This is a big deal for us. As you can see, it's a complete, 100% overhaul of our old site. The very creative people who work for ComLax have NO shortage of ideas about things we should include on a website, but if we entertained all of those ideas, it would probably be another 2 years before we'd launch it! So we smashed everything we thought was best suited for YOU into this website - a place to purchase, learn, see videos, get equipment guidance from human beings - and of course see all the latest and greatest gear.

A note, though - there are many, many changes from our old site. For more information on how to actually use all the new features, including an incredibly helpful new search and navigation tool (among many other new features), click right here. We've put together a crash course for you - with pretty pictures - to get you comfortable with the new digs as quickly as possible. 

As far as what else is new, we think that there's a lot to like here, if we may say so ourselves. There is now video for a lot of our products to help you get familiarized with what you're thinking about buying. The more information the better! Some videos are provided by the vendors (STX, Brine, etc) and some will be shot here at ComLax. Stay tuned in 2011 as we really increase our video presence.

Our product descriptions aren't just cut-and-pasted from vendor books, as some other lax sites are prone to do. You're more important than that. So we undertook quite a project during the building of this new site - we enlisted some lacrosse experts to re-write almost ALL of the product descriptions. That's right - they're all written by people who work here and KNOW THE GAME. We're proud to say that our descriptions actually have a personality! Much of it was written by our store managers - this is a group of guys who are as crazy about lacrosse as you could possibly imagine. You will get to know them more in 2011. Trust us.

Other stuff: 

  • Our store location pages have been greatly enhanced. You can now get easy access to store hours, maps, directions, manager bios and photos & video tours for each store. 
  • We've made huge strides consolidating categories. It's a much more simple site to navigate and find stuff, as all the important lax stuff you need is along the top of the site on those sweet hanging scorecards (which seem to be most people's favorite part of the site). 
  • In addition to better search and navigation, the traditional search box has also undergone a tremendous upgrade. Try it out!
  • We also love the mouseover on the shopping cart icon so you can see what's in your cart without actually having to GO to the cart.
  • Meet Bro Jackson! That little cartoon guy running around our site was designed in-house to keep things light and fun. He's the guy who's "saying" all those product descriptions. You can also buy apparel with the Bro Jackson theme as well.

In short, the recurring theme we had in mind as we designed and built this beast was one word - SIMPLICITY. We wanted to create as simple, seamless and easy a process for you as humanely possible - and while we feel like we've achieved that with what you see here, we're not done. A few features are still to come and we'll keep those close to the vest for now! But stay tuned, because it's gonna be a fun ride.

With change, there's always pain points. The one bummer about our complete online overhaul is that you'll need to establish a new account with us. Your old information (login, email, card info) was not something we were able to bring with us to the new site. It only takes a minute to sign up, though, so go ahead and do that here, won't you?

As always, feel free to share any feedback about the site. As always, YOU are the reason we are here, so we thank you for all of your past and future business.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OK, so we're pretty serious about the sport of lacrosse. And yeah, we're pretty serious about selling lacrosse gear and apparel. But that's more or less where the seriousness stops. I mean, after all, we sell sports gear. We have a dog running around the office and some loud people. We're not exactly contributing to world peace or solving the world's hunger problems - as much as we'd like to.

When we launched the new website a few weeks back, it opened the floodgates for a bunch of new stuff that we can do digitally. One thing you'll see a lot of from us this year is video. We'll do a bunch. Tutorials, product guidance, product descriptions, blah blah blah. Anything we can dream up that'll help you find the product you need and get the information you need about it, we'll do it. You can already see the fruits of some of our labor just by clicking around our website or visiting our YouTube channel, called Comlaxify.  

With all the videos we shoot, there are bound to be gaffes. Goofs. Golly-gee's. And we are not above showing them to you, because they are funny. So here is the first installment of the Comlax gag reel, brought to you by the Comlax Marketing Department and our Braintree, MA store manager, Marty Bulhoes. Good times were had by all!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Lacrosse Goalie Heads & Sticks

Kyle Prussing, who manages our Comlax store in Franklin, MA, checks in with some recommendations for goalie heads:

STX ECLIPSE -- The STX Eclipse is the first open sidewall goalie stick with one of largest stopping areas of any goalie head. The Eclipse is a goalie stick with the passing accuracy of an attack stick. The Eclipse has a streamlined scoop and a perfect blend of stiffness and flexibility. The Eclipse has been a player favorite for 9+yrs.

STX GOAL MASTER -- Just ask your dad or coach. The most popular goalie stick in lacrosse for the last 20 years. The Goalmaster is excellent for beginner goalies through collegiate level play. Stiffness of head allows greater ease in clamping and scooping. A must have in any goalies twig collection. 

WARRIOR NEMESIS -- This head is for all you playerz out there who like to play aggressive between the pipes. Flared sidewall offers optimum stopping area and ball control. Slightly heavier mold provides greater stiffness and durability. Nemesis is still used by many elite goalies throughout the world.

WARRIOR VOID LYTE -- One of the lightest goalie heads in the game helps for faster reaction times and more eye-opening saves. The lightest goalie head on the market to date at 9.3 oz. Offset design provides outstanding ball control and passing accuracy. A player favorite for years to come.

WARRIOR VOID -- Created by some of the top goalies in the MLL. The Voids offset patent design offers better ball control and passing accuracy then many in its class. If you are looking to fill a VOID in your game this heads for you.

BRINE ERASER -- Offset design provides maximum pocket depth and ball control. Still a favorite of many of the games top keepers. Multiple stringing holes allows perfect set-up for custom designed pockets. 10.8 oz creates a perfect balance for players of all ages.

BRINE MONEY -- A MONEY stick for any player who is brave enough to stand between the pipes. Weighing in at 11.4 oz this head creates a perfect balance for players of all ages. With this stick you don't have to have $$$$ to be money.

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