Monday, May 21, 2012
News on ComLax Framingham

So, we are here to announce the closing of our Commonwealth Lacrosse store in Framingham, MA. It's never easy to close a store, however, in this case it's actually a positive for us. We have seen tremendous growth in our Berlin and (new) Needham ComLax stores and those two stores are also much, much larger than our Framingham store. Given the proximity and size of Berlin and Needham, we feel that our Framingham shoppers will have tremendous options (and much better traffic and parking!). We've simply outgrown the space in Framingham. So the last day we will be open in Framingham will be June 3, 2012. Of course, you can always shop with us here at as well for all of your lacrosse equipment and apparel needs.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call our customer service line at 877-926-6529. Thank you for your support!


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Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Training Tips for Lacrosse Players


Any weight-training plan for sports should include a variety of elements that can help support improved performance across all aspects of a sport’s unique demands.  For lacrosse, that plan should include weight training not only for strength and power, but also for speed, stamina and injury prevention. Since lacrose is pretty much a total-body sport, it’s important to think about a total-body workout that focuses on the movements that a lacrosse player makes on the field.
Your hips, abdomen and lower back work together to form the powerhouse for your entire body. A solid core foundation will help prevent injury and allow your lower and upper body to work efficiently and maximize the strength that you build there.   You can work on your core with standard abdominal work, but to really develop that power source, rotational training will add to overall core strength.  Rowing exercises and other lower back-focused functional movements will build a stronger core.  
Strong legs that are full of power are key for speed, stamina and power.  Plyometric exercises, along with squats and other lower body weight training exercises will build a great foundation to take that leg strength onto the field.   Your hip flexors are especially important to consider as they’re the driving force behind your speed and power. Again, think about weight training exercises that simulate the movements that you’ll perform on the field.  For the legs, that’s squats, leg extensions and curls and other explosive movements.
Building upper body strength will help you generate more shot power as well as fight off injury.  Building strong shoulders will help you withstand the collisions and falls that could otherwise lead to injuries that put you on the sidelines.  Strong shoulders will also help you resist rotator cuff injuries that come from the repetitive nature of shooting and passing.  Chest and upper back strength will also help extend the power center that you’re developing in your core and will help with the stability and strength that your game demands.
Make sure you consult a strength training professional such as a personal trainer before any workout program, as it’s important to build a comprehensive program that doesn’t leave out critical areas. Muscle development must be balanced in order to be safe and injury free.

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