• Maverik Centrik Lacrosse Head Review

    On appearance alone, the Maverik Centrik unstrung lacrosse head looks like the Optik and the Tank had an adorable do-it-all child. This head was clearly designed with the two-way lax player in mind. Its three strut sidewall gives a happy medium of strength and a lightweight feel that should allow for some offensive precision and defensive toughness. The Centrik features Maverik's level 4 bottom rail which leads to a mid to high pocket and a slightly faster release than a lower offset head. The face shape is slightly pinched for  a universal head, kind of like the way a Lakota or an Evo slightly pinches after use.

    I strung this head with Epoch Otter mesh and it was a  few tries before the perfect pocket was achieved. I went for a slightly higher than middle pocket with medium whip. The offset on the Centrik and the pocket location lead to great ball feel when on the run and when winding up for outside shots. Having a three strut sidewall will also limit the amount of torsion and twist when shooting and passing by keeping the head stiff.

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  • Preview: Maverik Centrik Lacrosse Head

    When companies get acquired, it often takes years before things really start to mesh. It took Facebook a while to really optimize what Instagram is all about. I'm sure Staples is having fun with OfficeMax, too. Anyway, for sports equipment, it's really no different. When Bauer purchased Maverik a few years ago, it acquired a company that wasn't necessarily floundering, but they were also not quite there in terms of being a major player like Warrior, STX and Brine were at the time. Boy, times have changed.
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  • Maverik Union Lacrosse Shaft

    The Maverik Union lacrosse shaft is new for 2015 and contains some interesting new approaches to shafts. Maverik has really benefitted after being acquired by Bauer a few years back; their product team has been able to up the ante in research and development in the past few years. This has truly gotten them to parity with all the leading brands in lacrosse today. Read More

  • Inside Shooting Tips

    We recently had the opportunity to spend an afternoon in one of our stores with lacrosse pro Joe Walters. Joe is a 4-time NCAA All-American and also plays in the MLL and NLL. To say he's highly accomplished as a lacrosse player is an epic understatement of gigantic proportions. In addition to playing, Joe also works with Maverik Lacrosse and is an avid user of their gear. Read More

  • Maverik Optik Head Review

    I was very fortunate to get a hold of the new Maverik Optik head (HS spec) before its release date on July 4th. I had been eager to string one of these up and take it for a test drive, so I was pretty excited when it showed up! Read More

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