• From the Sidelines: Sportsmanship Rules for Parents

    Few things in life can be more rewarding than watching your kids and your friends' kids compete on a lacrosse pitch while playing a strong game. Too often, however, parents and coaches find themselves emotionally engaged in the outcome of the game, or the performance of a child, and say or do something they (and their kids) regret. How can parents and coaches remain positive role models and employ good sportsmanship when their kids are out on the field taking hits? Read More

  • A Lacrosse Workout Designed to Increase Your Shot Speed

    You can be a world-star linebacker without ever needing to pass a football, or an elite power hitter who struggles to run from home plate to first. Every lacrosse player, however, needs to have the technique and fundamentals of passing and shooting down cold in order to compete on the field at any level. Certain lacrosse drills can help players of all ages and skillsets to become better attackers with the ball in their cradle. Read More

  • Healthy Snacks to Eat Before Lacrosse Practice

    Professional sports leagues pay trainers millions of dollars each year to study their teams' nutrition. What these nutritionists agree upon holds up well for all levels of sport: we are what we eat. Read More

  • Top 5 Lacrosse Camps For Intermediate Players

    Before you choose a lacrosse camp to invest your time, money, and effort into, there are a few things to watch out for to avoid wasting any of these. The most important consideration is the skill level of your intermediate athlete. Choosing a camp that is designed for a skill level higher or lower than the one that your player is currently in will only result in a needlessly frustrating experience (at an advanced camp) or one that the player won't actually get much out of (at a beginner camp). Read More

  • The ComLax Guide to Wall Ball

    The best way for a player to improve their hands without the luxury of another player is to play wall ball. Playing wall ball will create muscle memory and improve a players stick skill as well as their hand eye coordination. It is important for every player to play wall ball regardless of age or skill level. Read More

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