• Preview: Maverik Centrik Lacrosse Head

    When companies get acquired, it often takes years before things really start to mesh. It took Facebook a while to really optimize what Instagram is all about. I'm sure Staples is having fun with OfficeMax, too. Anyway, for sports equipment, it's really no different. When Bauer purchased Maverik a few years ago, it acquired a company that wasn't necessarily floundering, but they were also not quite there in terms of being a major player like Warrior, STX and Brine were at the time. Boy, times have changed.
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  • Preview: Warrior Noz2 Lacrosse Head

    The current NOZ X head has been one of the most popular heads in the game recently and we can barely keep them stocked! Warrior was able to create this ridiculously light head through their patented use of molding process that creates a hollow interior filled with nitrogen gas. The current NOZ X sits as the 9th lightest head on the market in our Lacrosse Head Weight Database, which is pretty impressive when you think about how many heads are available out there. This super lightweight head was perfect for offensive players who demanded the quickest releases and fastest shots. Read More

  • STX SuperPower+ Limited Edition Lacrosse Head

    Limited Edition lacrosse heads are becoming all the rage lately, with the Warrior Blade OG, the Rabil Gold head and STX's Stallion U500 all released within the past year. As long as those heads keep generating the buzz and sales that those three did, you can expect the parade of Limited Edition heads to continue. Read More

  • Unequal HALO and Womens' Lax Head Protection

    Head protection is a serious matter in any sport and as of late has become a more serious concern in womens' lacrosse. Unequal Technologies, a relatively new company in the lacrosse world, has come up with a new product called the HALO to address these concerns and offer additional head protection. Before we get into this exciting new product, let's take a look at what has been going on in the world of womens' lacrosse in regard to head injury concerns. Read More

  • Brine Triumph II Gloves - Now Shipping!

    When choosing a new pair of lacrosse gloves the biggest things players look for (ignoring color options for now) are protection, fit and comfort. Brine took their popular Triumph glove and completely overhauled it for a new look and feel with the Triumph II for 2014. Read More

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