Sunday, August 25, 2013
Lax feeling when....

That feeling when you take a bounce shot on a bad grass field......

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Friday, August 23, 2013
Denver Outlaws Historical Regular Season


By Will Walker

The Denver Outlaws had the best season in MLL history going a PERFECT 14-0!!! With Championship weekend starting Saturday we thought it was interesting to look into some of the stats of the Outlaws perfect season.

"You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take"

The Outlaws must have used this quote over the season because they led the MLL in shots taken at 657 and team shooting percentage of .344 also the highest in the league. They were led by second year attackmen Chris Bocklet who co-led the MLL with points at 55 with 42 goals and 13 assists, Bocklet's 42 goals awarded him the honor of most goals in the MLL. But Bocklet wasn't alone in their scoring of the top 11 point leaders; Drew Snider (32g/14a=46), Jeremy Sieverts (33g/11a=44) and Brendan Mundorf (23g/18a=41) also helped to put Denver into the top spot every week. 

"Defense wins championships"

You hear this saying all the time and the Outlaws definitely kept the ball out of the net. Led by veteran goalie Jesse Schwartzman he posted the lowest Goals Against Average: 9.67, the second highest amount of saves at 184 and the highest Save Percentage: .597 in the MLL. But it wasn't just all Schwartzman he had the MLL Defensive player of the year in Lee Zink who is a monster with the long pole.

The Outlaws special teams also stepped it up on both sides of the field where the defense had a crazy man down prevention rate of 76.6%, while on the offensive side of the ball they had a man up conversion rate of 42.8%. Special teams help change the flow of a game and the Outlaws showed us how important it can be.

Overall the Denver Outlaws have had great success this season and got great production from every position and if we had the time I am sure we could find ever more stats that showcase how well this team performed in the 2013 regular season. The season isn't over yet and they go into championship weekend with a HUGE target on their back but they are definitely aware of that and will look to be the team hoisting that trophy at the end of the season.


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Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Never Miss A ComLax Special!

Are you a Gmail user?  If so, you may not be seeing all of the best deals we have on gear.  Google made some changes to your Gmail inbox that filter your emails, so if you want to make sure you are receiving every special offer follow these steps:


Step 1: Log into your Gmail account.  In your inbox you will now have three separate inboxes, as you see in the image above.


Step 2: Select the "Promotions" tab of your inbox.


Step 3: This is where our emails can now be found.


Step 4: Click in the circled area and drag the email onto the "Primary" tab.  Release the mouse button when the cursor is hovering over the "Primary" tab.


Step 5: A yellow popup will appear near the top of the page.  Select "Yes" to make sure that all future special offer emails will arrive in your inbox.


Now you will never miss a ComLax deal!

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Tuesday, July 02, 2013
Cascade R Helmet Customizer

So Cascade Lacrosse has just updated their Customizer with the new R Helmet! We spent a couple minutes testing it out and came up with some pretty cool designs that we would love to rock!


Of these two which one would you want to wear A or B. 


If you are looking to mess around with the Customizer check it out HERE!!!!

If you came up with some cool combinations buy it today and within 48 hours of Cascade receiving the order your helmet will be built! Customize your own helmet and BUY IT HERE!



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Friday, June 28, 2013
Gait Recon XLU Preview
Gait Recon XLU Preview
By Will Walker 
ComLax Marketing Dept.
So the other night I got to test out the new Recon XLU and impressed me with how well it performed I was skeptical at first. But Gait has completely revamped their product lines to deliver equipment which provides advantages to the players with their "more than a game" strategy. What this means is that Gait isn't going to put out a product just so that the can put something out on the market they are spending the time on R&D to figure out ways to actually help improve a players game while keeping up with techonological advances in the market. As for the Recon XLU here is what I thought about the head and how it performed for me.
 The sidewall design is the same as the XL with a narrow face for a great channel and amazing ball control. With this being a Universal head sometimes when companies "universalize" traditional heads they come out looking awkward but this looks great and feels great as well.The vertical design in the sidewall was strategically placed for strength and the ability to snap back into place and not warp the head. Multiple stringing holes allow for any pocket type to be strung up so you can string it just the way you want to. 
I used it as a LSM to really put a test to the strength of the sidewalls and it truly impressed me and it performed great for me holding its shape. But on faceoffs it had the ability to plunge very easily and pop the ball easily without it being too flimsy or too stiff it was goldilocks JUST RIGHT! On poke checks it seems to hold it shape enough to land a solid check. On ground balls the moderate scoop allows players to easy grab ground balls so they can land in the pocket quickly and easily. On poke checks it seems to hold it shape enough to land a solid check.
Off the bat this head is real lightweight and offers a great balanced feel throughout the head and at only 128 grams this will be one of the lightest heads on the market. This head is obviously for those attackmen and midfielder who are have mid/high pockets that are looking to rip the net apart.
By only using it a couple times I can't exactly say what the lifespan of the head is but the plastic is strong enough and sturdy enough to take a beating. The Recon XLU will perform the same way every time without having to worry about the head warping or breaking.
Overall I was very impressed with this head and I haven't been impressed by a Gait head this much since the original Torque. But anyway this head is going to certainly make a huge jump in the NCAA community and I'm sure to see this on the field at UVA a lot throughout their midfield and attack core. Will come unstrung, strung with mesh or strung with traditional as well. Check back later to get this head when it comes out becuase we're as excited as you are.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013
Brine Cyber Is Back

By Will Walker, ComLax Marketing

The Brine CYBER is back!!!! Once again Brine has brought back a head that was once very successful and updated it for 2013!
Brine updated this head for 2013 but stayed true to the heads roots which offers the same aggresive offset and styling to give you a head that will perform every time and be able to remain competitive. The Cyber is a defensemen's dream head it light enough for easy mobility, strong enough to handle tons beatings and wide enough to get into any passing lane. 
As the saying goes "defense wins championships" and Brine realized they needed to reinforce this idea into people's heads by reinforcing the sidewalls of the Cyber to be able to put up with the rough play defenders are known for.The Cyber offers Brine's strategic "Cross Beam Construction" which you can see reinforces the sidewall without being too aggresive and remaining lightweight.
Brine also redesigned the throat to reduce excess material and reinforced the connection to the shaft with two screw holes to reduce the rattling of loose heads.
The Cyber offers a wide enough face to allow any defender to get into the passing lanes and transition out of the defensive end. Also the shape helps to strengthen the head to help it remain sturdy. 
As fans of the original Cyber we are really excited about this launch and look for these to be tearing up the defensive end.
If you're in the market for a new head check them out here!!!!!


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Thursday, March 07, 2013
Matte Black CPX-R


Cascade constantly pushes their designers to deliver quality products that offer both style and protection. Now Cascade has taken a page out of the recent trend of Matte finished colors to deliver the CPX-R in Matte Black. For right now only the CPX-R is offered in the Matted out version but these things are truly awesome. They look amazing and now the CPX-R gets a revamped style for 2013. 
The CPX-R is a combination of an updated version of its predecessor the CPX and incorporates the technology of the revolutionary and wildly popular Pro7.The CPX-R offers a lighter shell than the previous versions with a more balanced shell that incorporates the SevenTech liner which will absorb impact and disperses it laterally throughout the entire helmet versus the previous versions with layers of foams.The CPX-R has what Cascade calls the SPR fit that takes the one size fits all and allows it to be customized to fit all sizes XS-XL. 
We will be getting a few of these new buckets in the next week or so. Stay tuned to check out one of the most antcipated releases of the year. If you want to setup a team order for Matte Black CPX-R helmets just click here to contact our Team Sales department!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2012
Reebok Black Line



Reebok has stepped onto the dark side with their new Black line of Equipment with their new Black Arm Pads, Black Shoulder Pads and Black A1X shaft. First we will look at the protective items in the Black line with the Arm Pads and Shoulder Pads.




The Black Line is a no nonsense line of protective and for 2013 Reebok has removed a lot of the bulk that reebok protective previously had designed for the indoor game. They have really transitioned well here to create a lightweight - as well as protective - line and designed it for the outdoor game.This doesn’t mean that these things can’t take a beating because they can!  Reebok used high grade EVA foams throughout the arm pads and shoulder pads to help reduce weight while still having the ability to absorb a beatin.




Reebok also added their Carbon Lite technology where these Carbon Lite plates were strategically places on the shoulder caps, sternum and on the elbow cap of the arm pads. With the Black protective Reebok transitioned well from the box game to more of a field design we certainly like that they cut down a lot of the excess material.














Now onto the Black V1X handle…

The V1X is definitely one of the lightest shafts we’ve felt in a while and it feels nice.  The sand blasted grip helps to give that nice grip feel to it so that you don’t need to weigh down the stick with tape to get the grip one may want. 

Reebok teamed up with True Temper to help create a new molding process that utilizes a 2-step process of molding and heating versus the traditional one step method to help create a stronger and lighter shaft. The shaft is made of a 7068 alloy that is a blend of different metals to provide the strength and weight that has a better strength to weight ratio than most other shafts on the market---according to Reebok. We haven’t got to test it out in a game yet but we are sure that it can stand up to the competition and leave its Black marks on their shafts. 


Overall we think Reebok certainly stepped up their game for great transition into more of field designed line of equipment. With all of this new technology Reebok has brought to the Black line you can definitely get the performance you want out of these. Check out the new Reebok Black line to get the elite level performance you have been looking for. 

You can order the Reebok Black Arm Pads here, the Black Shoulder Pads here and the Black Shaft here.

You can also see our videos here, featuring Brodie Merrill, Jordan Hall and some action shots and modeling by Dan Dawson.




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Wednesday, September 05, 2012
Warrior Rabil Head Launch


When Warrior and Paul Rabil sat down they set out to create the ultimate scoring machine and what we got was; THE RABIL, a head inspired by the BEST scorer in the game. 
First he was a 2-time national champion with Johns Hopkins, selected 1st overall by the Boston Cannons in the 2008 MLL draft, 2011 MLL champion with the Cannons, 3-time offensive player of the year and 2-time MLL MVP.  Paul Rabil is with out a doubt one of the best players to EVER play the game and with that being said, he always wants to make sure he performs at his best.  In 2009 Rabil set the WORLD RECORD for fastest shot at 111 mph. With that in mind Warrior scooped up Rabil to join their design staff in 2012 and whether or not they hit the jackpot remains to be seen but we think they'll do okay.
Rabil personally sat down with Warrior’s research and design team to fine tune and tweak areas specific to enhancing his shooting mechanics. During the R&D of this stick Warrior design managers wanted to capture shooting mechanics in real time so they could understand how sticks perform in different circumstances to get data on shooting mechanics work within stick construction. Here you can see a Warrior Evo 3 with a bunch of sensors on it. 
At first glance of the head you can see the maximum offset with Warrior’s TruOffset technology to allow for a deeper pocket and smoother feel when stick handling.
The Rabil has a great universal pinch with the flared bottom sidewall so that everyone at any level can use it. The bottom sidewall also has a specifically designed curve to create a perfect and consistent release from the pocket on shots and passes.
The lightweight design is showcased with Warrior’s NOZ molding process with hollowed out sidewall which is injected with NOZ to create that lightweight feel yet add strength as well. Also there are a TON of sidewall holes so that all you string surgeons out there can get fancy and string this head up a million different ways. 
Warrior also added their 2shot customizable molding process also allows for multiple colors to be injected into the head where the Rabil is available in 7 different color ways. 
All in all we think that this head will be pretty amazing and this should be making its way to a ComLax near you and online within the next couple weeks, so stay tuned. ALL HAIL!!

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Monday, June 11, 2012
How to Choose the Right Lacrosse Summer Camp


There are many factors that go into your reason for choosing one lacrosse summer camp over another. Whether you’re a youth player or a college prospect, camps can elevate your game and begin to position you to play at the next level. Summer is an ideal time to focus on changes in your game or to show your skills for college coaches.
With the incredible number of lacrosse camps and club events, how do you choose what’s best for you?
Are you at a place in your development when you’re really seeking to develop skills? You’re probably looking to find a camp that can focus on technique and skill, rather than just playing as many games as possible. Younger players will be looking for these kinds of camps.
For players who may be seeking exposure to college coaches a college camp or special recruiting camp may be a great option or maybe you’ll want to compete in club lacrosse at national or regional tournaments.
When looking to work on your game, it’s best to understand your options for lacrosse camps. Are you thinking about day camps that are nearby which may keep the cost down? Or maybe you’re thinking about an overnight camp where your skills can grow with more instructional time from high-level coaching staffs? Finding coaches with reputations for being good coaches and “teachers” of the game will lead you to a more productive lacrosse camp experience.  
This is your place to shine for those coaches that can potentially give you that opportunity to play at the next level. When looking at college camps and organized recruiting camps, the key is to really understand what coaches will be attending the camps. Is the college coach going to be there or is he/she sending an assistant to do the evaluations? Who is running and organizing the camps? Are there good methods for showcasing your abilities and information for the coaches so they can identify who you are as you dominate on the field? If there is instruction involved in the camp, it’s again important to consider if the coach or an assistant (or someone else?) will be leading the sessions.
Finally, how much is this camp going to cost? Is it going to be worth your time and money?  To be seen be the right college coaches at the right camp you may need to spend money to travel. Or maybe that local college or high school is running a great camp that allows you to come for the day and develop the skills that you’ll need to make it to the next level. Sometimes the right camp will be more expensive than another camp, but it’s important to consider the financial aspect as you invest in your lacrosse career.
The key to your summer lacrosse decision is really understanding WHY you’re choosing that camp that you do. Careful consideration of several alternatives will help you identify the best fit for you. Make the right choice and your game will grow and your skills expand faster than you can say “Back to School.”

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Training Tips for Lacrosse Players


Any weight-training plan for sports should include a variety of elements that can help support improved performance across all aspects of a sport’s unique demands.  For lacrosse, that plan should include weight training not only for strength and power, but also for speed, stamina and injury prevention. Since lacrose is pretty much a total-body sport, it’s important to think about a total-body workout that focuses on the movements that a lacrosse player makes on the field.
Your hips, abdomen and lower back work together to form the powerhouse for your entire body. A solid core foundation will help prevent injury and allow your lower and upper body to work efficiently and maximize the strength that you build there.   You can work on your core with standard abdominal work, but to really develop that power source, rotational training will add to overall core strength.  Rowing exercises and other lower back-focused functional movements will build a stronger core.  
Strong legs that are full of power are key for speed, stamina and power.  Plyometric exercises, along with squats and other lower body weight training exercises will build a great foundation to take that leg strength onto the field.   Your hip flexors are especially important to consider as they’re the driving force behind your speed and power. Again, think about weight training exercises that simulate the movements that you’ll perform on the field.  For the legs, that’s squats, leg extensions and curls and other explosive movements.
Building upper body strength will help you generate more shot power as well as fight off injury.  Building strong shoulders will help you withstand the collisions and falls that could otherwise lead to injuries that put you on the sidelines.  Strong shoulders will also help you resist rotator cuff injuries that come from the repetitive nature of shooting and passing.  Chest and upper back strength will also help extend the power center that you’re developing in your core and will help with the stability and strength that your game demands.
Make sure you consult a strength training professional such as a personal trainer before any workout program, as it’s important to build a comprehensive program that doesn’t leave out critical areas. Muscle development must be balanced in order to be safe and injury free.

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Monday, May 21, 2012
News on ComLax Framingham

So, we are here to announce the closing of our Commonwealth Lacrosse store in Framingham, MA. It's never easy to close a store, however, in this case it's actually a positive for us. We have seen tremendous growth in our Berlin and (new) Needham ComLax stores and those two stores are also much, much larger than our Framingham store. Given the proximity and size of Berlin and Needham, we feel that our Framingham shoppers will have tremendous options (and much better traffic and parking!). We've simply outgrown the space in Framingham. So the last day we will be open in Framingham will be June 3, 2012. Of course, you can always shop with us here at as well for all of your lacrosse equipment and apparel needs.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to call our customer service line at 877-926-6529. Thank you for your support!


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Game Time Review: Maverik Spider Lacrosse Head

Arachnophobics have no fear! The Maverik Spider doesn’t bite, that is unless it’s the back of the net.

What sets the Maverik Spider head apart from any other on the market right now is its design. Inspired by the combination of robotic spiders and the architecture of NYC’s famous bridges, the Maverik Spider merges the unique and intriguing anatomy of spiders with human technology. Maverik took a different approach to designing the Spider by adding support on the specific areas of the head that receive the most stress while in play. The cool thing about the Spider is its weight, which is surprisingly light when considering the amount of strength it has. When I first picked this head up, I was really surprised by its light weight. The Maverik Spider’s rail structure and specifically placed holes give it the unmatched weight and strength of a spider web.

After I had my first look at the head, I went on to stringing it. The unique feature on this head is the design of the sidewall holes. When you string a stick, the sidewall string is what pulls the mesh to the head and forms your pocket. The Spider essentially has slits placed in cooperation with its sidewall holes. This makes it easy to lock your sidewall into place and guarantee an even tightness on each side of the head.

For stringing, I used grey 10D Jimalax hard mesh. The grey hard mesh by Jimalax is pretty different than most other hard mesh. It is softer, which makes it easier to break in your pocket. I strung the mesh up with Jimalax Snow Camouflage sidewall string. I felt like the grey and camo together would truly give the head the look of a spider. After I was done stringing, I ended up with a surprisingly nice channel. Usually it is difficult to get a good channel with rounded heads with wide throats, but not with the Maverik Spider. I decided to put in a V for a shooter instead of a U in order to get optimal precision when throwing. Then I put in one straight shooter and a Snow Camo nylon, which really lets you feel the ball come out when you throw.

I’d recommend the Maverik Spider head to the offensive minded player. Whether you’re an attackman, middie, or pole who is a scoring threat, this head is great for putting the biscuit in the basket. I was sniping with this in the side yard and I was ripping holes in my net! The Spider is a great head engineered by some creative minds over at Maverik Lacrosse. Pics below - and you can get your own by clicking right here:

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Friday, March 16, 2012
What's In My Lacrosse Bag?

By Chris Tomaselli, ComLax Franklin, MA

My game day stick is an STX Professor in white, strung with white 10D Jimalax hard mesh and black striker shooters on a black Nike Sprint SC Shaft. I dig this setup because of the shape of the Professor. Its long throat gives me the ability to have a long pocket, which is perfect for attack because I can cradle the ball up against the shooters when shooting or down in the throat when dodging. The Nike Sprint SC Shaft is one of my all-time favorite shafts. It has a very unique shape with smooth edges, while still feeling angular. The grip is very comparable to a Warrior Krypto Pro Diamond. I’ve been using it for almost a year and it really doesn’t dent. That’s legit considering the hacks I give and take in practices and games.

My backup set up is an STX Proton Power in black with white 10D Jimalax hard mesh on a silver STX Scandium Pro shaft. You really can’t go wrong with this head or shaft. Both great, aggressive products that have proven durable when filling in for my game day set up.

For For shoulder pads, I wear the Maverik Empire Speed. Like most older players, I altered them a bit. To get rid of the little bit of bulk, I cut off the shoulder caps. It hasn’t sacrificed much protection and it gives me lighter shoulder pads. I really like the shape of the Empires on my body. It gives me lots of protection without the bulk. This year, I’m rocking home and away elbow pads. For home games, I’ve got STX K18 II Arm Guards in red. These are hands down my favorite elbow pads for an attack man. Super comfortable, flexible, and protective, I got a year and a half out of heavy use out of my first pair before they finally ripped, so naturally, I got another pair. For away games, I’m, wearing the Nike Vapor Elite Arm Guards in white. The Vapor Elites are very, very light, but don’t sacrifice much protection.

For gloves, my school ordered custom school Brine Messiahs in red, white and black. I got #22 on the cuff along with our school logo. So far, I love these gloves, as they are really light and comfortable. We’ll see how protective they are when tryouts start later this month. My lid is a Cascade Pro7 in red with my school’s decals. Plenty of tilt to go around folks!

On my feet, I’ve got the Nike Zoom Vapor Carbon LX in white and black. If you turn on ESPNU this Saturday and when they zoom in on the players look at their feet. The Vapor Carbon LXs are what all the college kids are wearing and for good reason. They are extremely light, but are also surprisingly supportive during your cuts and dodges.

After digging out all of my gear, I found an UnderArmour jock, a cup, a Top Gun CELL pinny, and an ankle brace.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Game Time Review - Nike CEO & JimaWAX Mesh

By Chris Tomaselli, Commonwealth Lacrosse (Franklin, MA)

It is a well-known fact that lacrosse is the fastest growing game on two feet. Along with the publicity has come a flurry of trends and fads in style and gear. The newest up-and-coming gear trend is the use of waxed mesh. While waxed mesh has been available to the public for quite some time, it has only recently become a bit more popular.

Waxed mesh was initially used in indoor lacrosse; rather than use the mesh for its water resistant qualities, players used the wax grip to make up for the humidity lost from the outdoor game. As more and more players indoors began using it, it began to catch on in the MLL. Players of every position --even goalies-- began giving waxed mesh a whirl. Fast forward to today, and waxed mesh is the new thing a few stores out there are carrying. At the moment, ComLax carries all Jimalax mesh, but not JimaWAX mesh. We are looking at and evaluating the potential for carrying it, but we'd love to hear how feel about it first.

I was able to get my hands on a sample and I can tell you a little bit about it here.

I had the opportunity to sample a piece of Carolina Blue JimaWAX mesh on the CEO, Nike's top-of-the-line head. To be honest, I was really excited to test out both the mesh and the head. Waxed mesh is something I’ve never been able to get my hands on and the CEO is one of the top heads on the market designed for attackmen.

My first impressions of the mesh were its smell and texture. It smelled like wax; no chemicals, no dye, no fresheners....just wax. The JimaWAX mesh was also interesting because I expected it to be really stiff and hard to stretch out. It was actually the opposite - it took me three easy pulls for the mesh to be as stretched as I needed it to be to string. The only annoying part about stretching the mesh was the waxed flakes that fell onto my lap, but you have to give a little to get a little, so I can’t complain. I simply put a towel on my lap while I was stringing to avoid being covered in little pieces of wax.

With the technical stringing of the CEO, the head has unusual top string holes. There are eight holes total split in half by the part of the scoop displaying the Nike symbol. I strung up a regular 10D top string, but instead of stringing every other hole on the scoop, I had to do the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 8th holes due to their spacing. I also started the top string on the 2nd hole down on the sidewall in order to pull down the mesh. I started the sidewall stringing on the 3rd hole down, skipped a hole, and then double interlocked. This creates a good channel so that the ball releases out of the head on a straight route. The channel also affects the hold and whip of your head, so it is important to create a channel that suits your game. From the double interlock, I doubled up on the mesh once and then strung every other hole on the head until the 14th hole. From there I strung every hole the rest of the way down. I put in a tight bottom string and ended up with a mid pocket, perfect for a feeder from X.

At this point, you see where the JimaWAX mesh plays its part. The wax coated mesh has the distinct ability to memorize where you hold the ball in your stick and how you throw and shoot. Because of this, the pocket will reform and hold every time you get the ball in your stick. JimaWAX is also significantly lighter than any other weather resistant mesh. Waxed mesh is not fool proof, however. It does have the tendency of “bagging out.” This means that you need to make sure you keep your sidewalls and bottom string tight and shooters loose so that the mesh does not get too whippy. Since I chose to make a tight channel, I decided not to install a U or a V because the ball would get caught up before releasing. Instead, two straight shooters were put in just above where the ball sits in the pocket. To add on an extra lip when the ball releases from the head, I wove a nylon above the straighties.

Overall, this setup is ideal for an attackman who specializes in feeding. Lots of hold, smooth release, a fairly stiff head with a long throat, and very durable mesh are perfect for the position. In addition, I would recommend the JimaWAX mesh is perfect for any player of any skill or position from the cage to X. Its weather resistance and durability put it a notch ahead of any other type of mesh. JimaWAX gives you the grip and feel of traditional stringing, but also the same old reliability and hold of a mesh pocket.

...but what do YOU think? Have you used this stuff? What are your thoughts? Let's hear it!

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012
Mirrored Off The Masters

Today's post features College and Professional Lacrosse players’ stick setups and stringing preferences.

First up is former UVA standout and LXM Pro athlete Rhamel Bratton. Unfortunately, Rhamel ended his 2011 senior campaign earlier than we would have liked due to a team-issued suspension, but he played a vital role in paving UVA’s road to the national championship. Now, Rhamel participates in the LXM Pro Tour, which is a professional lacrosse tour run by Kyle Harrison.

Today, I’m mirroring Rhamel’s setup he used when he played for UVA. There is a story behind this setup. The manager of our Franklin ComLax store, Kyle Prussing and a couple other ComLax managers were at the Final Four at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA a few years back. Rhamel threw his stick up into the crowd and they caught it. Considering some pictures I found on the internet and Kyle’s description, I came up with this mirrored setup.

Throughout college, Rhamel rocked the Evo X head on a Gait handle. At the time Kyle and company got their hands on his setup, his shaft’s graphics were pretty worn. It is safe to assume however, that Rhamel used one of Gait’s top shafts because UVA has always been sponsored by Gait. Therefore I decided to throw a Gait DB803 on the head.

To mirror Rhamel’s setup, I started off by marinating the white Jimalax hard mesh in some lukewarm water just as Kyle and Kyle demonstrate in our YouTube Stringing Tutorial. I then laced up the California Dream Top String (Triangle Top String). Then I strung the sidewalls with the goal of forming a mid pocket with a tight channel (1,1,1,1,2i,1,1,1,1). One cool thing I liked about this stringing pattern was the crispy mesh curl - once I threw in a bottom string. After I pounded in the mid-pocket, I put in one U shooting string, 3 diamonds wide and then another one 5 diamonds wide. A unique thing Rhamel does with his stick is he puts two nylons above his shooting strings. Most players use one nylon, but Rhamel places his on consecutive rows of diamonds and makes them fairly tight. This gives the head a good amount of whip and a very smooth release. Rhamel’s distinct passing and shooting style/technique can be attributed to this unique shooting string pattern.

Once the strings were all tight, I screwed the Evo X on the Gait DB803 Handle. Based on the photos I found online, Rhamel made a thick butt end on his shaft and also taped about a 1/4 of the way up. In addition to this, Rhamel had three thin strips of tape that sat right where his top hand sits when he passes and shoots.

I would recommend this stick for any mid-level to experienced players who hit the weight room. This setup isn’t for those who pass or shoot lightly. You need to get some muscle behind this stick for it to be effective. So, anyone who can bring the high heat and dish quickly will standout with this setup.


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Thursday, March 01, 2012
From the Crease

By Kyle Prussing, Manager, ComLax Franklin, MA
For many of us folks here on the east coast, February vacation week has come to an end. As Spring nears, many of us players and coaches will soon be taking the field. For goalies, this is the time to be taking inventory of your equipment and one of the most important items to consider is your STICK. Come April, the excuse of  "coach, my stick is not throwing properly" or "my stick is too short/long" doesnt go over so well. Trust me, I'm a coach. Listed below are a few tips and suggestions I strongly reccommend you consider.
- A complete lacrosse goalie stick (including head and shaft) is approx 60" in length. The shaft/handle is generally 42" in length. Goalie Heads are approx 17-18" in length. In my opinion, the length of stick can be slighly reduced without jeopardizing performance.
- For boys playing lacrosse at the college or high school level, a length beetween 49"-53" is ideal. This still allows one to have control of stick while clearing on outlets or playing defense and knocking down or intercepting passes.
- For Girls in college or high school, the stick can be no LESS than 35 1/2 " in length and no longer than 48". The ideal length for this age group is 39"-46".
- For Youth levels of play (boys and girls), 37"-44" is ideal.
- Many of todays lacrosse shafts are made from some type of high grade Aluminum or Titanium. Please use caution when cutting and always remember that you can cut off more if needed- any table saw or hacksaw will suffice.
- In todays market, you are given many different options when selecting a stick. Listed below are my top picks for 2012.
Have questions? No problem! Contact your local ComLax location with any questions. Until next time. BREAK!

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Game Time Review - STX X10 Head & Maverik Wonderboy D-Shaft

By Chris Tomaselli, Commonwealth Lacrosse, Franklin, MA

What’s up everyone? This is Chris Tomaselli, checking in here at the Commonwealth Lacrosse blog. I will be kicking things up a notch with a Game Time Review and this week, I will be featuring one of the best defensive stick set-ups out there - an STX X10 Head strung up with Jimalax white hard mesh, white sidewall, and white shooting strings on a black Maverik Wonderboy defense shaft.

Why is this one of the best defensive stick combinations available? The STX X10 is the head every defenseman from middle school to the pros is using. A defensive stick should be stiff to throw hard checks, hurt your opposition’s performance, and should not warp or flex when poke-checking or scooping. The X10’s rigid trestle sidewall design gives you the necessary strength and stiffness that a defensive stick should have. The X10 also has many sidewall options, which offer a number of diverse stringing patterns to any stick doctor. Compliant under NCAA and NFHS rules, the X10 has a wide throat which is ideal for a defensive head.

To start this bad boy off, I laced up the X10 with the California Dream Top String (a.k.a. the Triangle Top String). Despite its difficulty, the California Dream is gaining popularity because it is able to pull the mesh tighter to the scoop which significantly minimizes the lip. Plus, I think that the California Dream gives your head a sophisticated style unlike any other regular top string.

Next, I made sure that my sidewall knots were larger than usual because the top sidewall holes are larger on the X10 than on most other heads. From there, my stringing pattern went as follows: Skip a hole, in a hole, skip a hole, in a hole, double up on the mesh, and then string until the 2nd last hole where I tied it off.

After putting in my bottom string, I picked my shooting string pattern. I put in a U for ball control and then two straighties for a smooth release. Personally I like to feel the ball come out of the stick a little bit so I threw on a nylon too. I ended up with a smooth channel, perfect for handling ground balls and a sweet mid pocket which gives the head the ability for superb fakes and a quick release during clears.

On the other half of the set up, I have the Maverik Wonderboy defense shaft. The Wonderboy is probably one of the best overall shafts on the market. The name says it all -- Wonderboy. The urban definition of this term is a low profile super hero. Keeping a low profile in lacrosse is what it’s all about. Not too flashy, but not unnoticed. The design is in fact a Wonderboy. It showcases the name in big bold letters that grab your attention, but not in a negative way. Like the name, the graphics are not too flashy, but not unnoticed.

The Wonderboy features an interesting grip pattern on the shaft. On defense, it is important to be able to slide your hands on the shaft to throw poke checks, but also to have the control to hold onto it when throwing other checks and handling the ball. The shaft’s raised grip is positioned on the sides of the shaft so you can hold onto the shaft when cradling. The smooth part is located on the top and bottom of the shaft’s exterior making it easier for your hands to slide up and down during poke checks. To top off the Wonderboy’s low profile is its alloy composition.  It is a blend of titanium and aluminum metals that give the Wonderboy a combination of strength, lightness, and durability.

Individually, the STX X10 head and the Maverik Wonderboy shaft are great pieces of lacrosse equipment. When combined, the X10 and Wonderboy are bad news to any lacrosse player who opposes their reign. Stop into your local ComLax store, or shop our righteous website and add these weapons to your game today.

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Monday, December 12, 2011
Introducing Commonwealth Lacrosse in Needham, Mass!

Well, we've opened our doors in Needham, Masschusetts. This is our 12th Commonwealth Lacrosse store, so hey, we're getting pretty good at opening these! The Needham store is located at 1299 Highland Avenue, right across from the Bertucci's, about a half mile away from our Pure Hockey store. At the very least, our employees at the store will have a very good lunch option! Anyway, we also thought it would make some sense to introduce Mike Cignarale, the store manager at the Needham store. Here's an example of a pretty qualified guy - Mike played in four straight national championships and has played at Gillette Stadium and at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore as well. We did a quick interview with him to get you better familiarized. Now you can go to the store and pretend you know him and freak him out!

1. How did you first get into the game of lacrosse?
I first started playing lacrosse in the spring of 8th Grade - a late start compared to most who grew up in Central New York! My Tech teacher, who was also the Varsity Lacrosse coach, suggested I try out for lacrosse in the spring. Most of my hockey buddies played lacrosse, so I gave it a try and after that first year, I was hooked.

 2. What’s the biggest difference for you regarding lacrosse gear/equipment from when you were a kid vs. the gear available today?
When I started playing lacrosse in 2001, the equipment was beginning to change pretty rapidly. Brine was what our high school carried, but it was very basic gear  - more similar to starter package gear that you see now. Lacrosse gear today is certainly of better quality, more protective and lighter. Sticks have also come along way since the Brine Shotgun head and the A6 shaft, but it still got the job done. Back then, we didnt care what equipment we used. We just loved to play the game.

3. What are you using for gear these days? Anything you’re dying to try out?
Currently I wear all Brine equipment - Brine Silo Gloves, Brine Lo-Pro-D Arm Pads and a Brine Swizz Beat D Pole with a Brine Clutch X6 head. I really like the Nike Hurrache molded cleat and for a helmet I have the Brine Triumph w/ a Titanium Cage.

I am dying to try out the Warrior Dolo-Diamond D-pole with the STX Professor Head. For new gloves and protective I was really impressed with the Maverick Rome Series - the gear is comfortable and looks really protective.
4. Describe the experiences of playing at Gilette Stadium and winning it all.
At Lemoyne during my 4 years, we attended all four Division II National Championships. The championship weekend is a lot of fun. Seeing Baltimore's M & T Bank Stadium and Gillette Stadium in Foxborough was an amazing experience. The crowd, the size of the stadium, the whole event is something special.  Nothing really compares to winning it all in 2007 - its a tough feeling to describe. After the long season and all the travel it almost doesn't sink in right away, but its a great feeling to know that you accomplished the ultimate goal.
5. What was the last thing you laughed really hard at?
The last thing I laughed really hard at was the Spike series Blue Mountain State - hilarious

Here's some pictures of the store for you:

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Friday, November 18, 2011
Commonwealth Lacrosse is Coming to Needham, MA!

Good news! It's time to announce a new Commonwealth Lacrosse store location. Drum roll, please.........

We're super-excited to announce a brand spanking new lacrosse store in.......Needham, Massachusetts. We'll open up for business in early December at 1299 Highland Ave in Needham - this is right next to SuperCuts and in the old Soccer Spot location. That's right, you can now get a haircut and a sweet new lacrosse head within 30 minutes of your time. One stop shopping, as they say. Anyway, here's the press release:

FRANKLIN, MA  -- Commonwealth Lacrosse, one of the largest U.S. lacrosse equipment and apparel retailers for men, woman and children, today announced it has signed a lease and plans to open a new 1,700 square foot lacrosse retail store in Needham, Massachusetts. The store will represent the 12th Comlax retail store in the Comlax chain. The opening is scheduled for early December 2011 and standard promotional activities are planned.

David Nectow, President of Commonwealth Lacrosse’s parent company, TSG Enterprises, LLC., commented, "We are excited to be establishing a presence in Needham and we are confident that this store will be a great addition to our expanding retail portfolio.”

Commonwealth Lacrosse sells all major lacrosse equipment brands such as STX, Brine, Warrior, Maverik and many more and also designs and markets fashion-forward and custom made apparel for its online and retail shoppers. Comlax has quickly established itself as a major player in the lacrosse e-commerce business as well, having re-launched a brand new website in May of 2011.

The Company has seven other retail locations in Massachusetts, including Berlin, Braintree, Danvers, Framingham, Franklin, Kingston and Medford , along with additional stores in Nashua, NH, Dover, NH, Norwalk, CT and Fairfield, NJ.

SOURCE: TSG Enterprises, LLC., 11/18/2011
CONTACT: Jeff Copetas of TSG Enterprises, LLC., +1-508-541-6100 x10
Web site:

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Thursday, October 20, 2011
STX Alliance Lacrosse Shaft

Pretty soon here at ComLax, we will be offering the STX Alliance Shaft. What makes this shaft worthy of a blog post, you ask? Well, the first and most notable thing to mention is that STX is introducing the idea of flex into lacrosse shafts this year. Love those STX folks, always thinking ahead, aren't they? Anywa,y, the idea of flex for your shaft basically means that you can now purchase a lacrosse shaft based on your style of play and your position. Much like ice hockey, you can now optimize your on-field performance with the three following flex options on the Alliance:

85 Flex: This will be the most "whippy" of the three - in other words, you'll find a lot of flex in this shaft. If you play a finesse game and pride yourself on speed, this shaft will give you a little more power and accuracy.

135 Flex:  This will offer you what we'll call "mid-flex" - if your game requires a combination of brute power and finesse, or if you play multiple positions, this Alliance shaft is probably going to suit you best. This one is neither too stiff, nor too whippy.wa

160 Flex:  The 160 flex Alliance caters to the player who needs a very stiff shaft and tends to play with brute power.  The stiff 160 will still have some flex in it, but is really constructed for the ultimate in shooting power and is a rugged, more tough shaft. Made for the "heavy" guys (and we don't mean weight, though players on the heavier side will benefit from the 160)

The Alliance shafts will be available at ComLax in the next few weeks! Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Warrior M80 Lacrosse Head

By Kyle Prussing, Manager, Comlax Franklin, MA

It's fall, so what better time to try some new heads and have a little fun? For many players at all levels, the autumn provides an ideal time to get out and test out your weapon of choice for the upcoming season. With new product arriving to our stores daily, I had the distinct pleasure of trying the new Warrior M80 X lacrosse head. After only a few sessions of torching my opponents for a few G's, I noticed some great new features that seperate this head from past others.

The M80 X has a been given a significant face-lift, starting with the sidewall. The new double-X sidewall provides superior stiffness and durability. In addition many multiple string holes along the rail provide a stringers delight. The reinforced scoop design gives you a durable scoop that can scoop up ground balls with ease. The overall stiffness and light weight of the head make this a player favorite for any field player. Currently, the M80 will only be available in (X) universal specs. Please visit us at any of our retail store loactions or click the link above to get yourself one now.  Until next time.......Bar Down

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011
Evolution of The Evolution

By Kyle Minaker, Store Manager of ComLax, Framingham, MA
evolution  -  evo pro  -  evo 2.0  -  evo x  -  evo x6  -  evo 3  -  evo 3x
Warriors newest Evolution lacrosse head, THE EVO 3, has revamped what is a hall of fame lacrosse head and brought it back into the top ranks in the lacrosse industry. Sticking to the Evolution's classic slim scoop, ground balls are seamless while in stride and create a natural channel - in any pocket style - for ultimate dangle ability. The 2 shot mold is new to the Evolution which adds durability, rigidness and customization for a bro's sty. There are also ample amounts of sidewall holes for maximizing stringing potential for the style of player. I would recommend this head to either an offensive or defensive lacrosse player, but would say it is definitely made for ripping some rope! Overall grade for the evo 3 is an A and for all you laxers that want to evolve your game into hall of fame status, come down to Comlax for the goods!

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Monday, May 16, 2011
Hidden Ball Trick!

This is pretty sweet! Maryland pulls off a Hidden Ball Trick on #8 North Carolina. The reaction (or non-reaction) of the North Carolina goalie cracks me up! See here:

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Thursday, March 10, 2011
What's In My Lacrosse Bag, Part Five

Today we're checking in with Bryan Feener, who manages our ComLax store in Medford, Massachusetts. Bryan has been with us for about two years now and played both lacrosse and ice hockey at Malden Catholic. Let's let him give us the lowdown on what you might find in his lacrosse bag these days:

Stick(s): STX SCI-TI Pro (black), STX CO2 offset shaft, Warrior Razer Head
Shoulder Pad: STX Cell Liner
Arm Gaurds: Nike Vapor arm gaurds (white)
Helmet - Custom Cascade Pro 7 helmet (Malden Catholic colors)
Gloves - Warrior Mac Daddy Navy Blue
Cleats - Under Armour

Go see more about Bryan and our Medford store at our Medford ComLax profile page.

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Thursday, March 03, 2011
What's In My Lacrosse Bag, Part Four

It's time for another installment of "What's In My Bag." Today we take it out to Berlin, MA, where Terry Soloski runs the show over at our ComLax store in Berlin. And away we go......
Stick: Pink-dyed Evo Pro strung up with all white soft mesh (I like the hold and whip you get with it)
Shaft:  cut down Brine Scandium goalie shaft.
Helmet: Cascade Pro7 with chrome mask
Gloves: STX K18 custom colors (older model)
Cleats: Nike Huaraches (original model)
Arm Pads: K18 arm pads (White)
Along with the random stuff of UnderArmour cold gear, pinnies, mouth guard and empty gatorade bottles.

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Monday, February 28, 2011
The Rise & Fall of the Titanium Lacrosse Shaft

In the early '90s Dave Morrow (former Princeton D-Man & Warrior CEO)  and his father introduced the lax world to a shaft that put all other materials to shame, the Titanium Lacrosse Shaft. To this day, per square inch of shaft there is STILL no material used that equals the overall strength of Titanium.  Obviously there are now much lighter shafts, but nothing compares to the power of the king.
The greatest attribute of a titanium shaft is its durability - wow, there's a shocker! But do you understand why it's so durable? Titanium, unlike all other alloys, if bent or warped (especially for D-poles) can be worked back into shape without ruining the overall integrity of the shaft. When titanium dents or bends it takes much greater force to stress fracture than that of an alloy mixed material. 
I once pondered selling my great idea of using Depleted Uranium (material used in tank armor) as a means for lacrosse shaft material but looked into the cost and the need for radioactive protection from handling the stuff, so I pulled the plug. If Titanium is the "BEST" then why after 20 or so years has it become scarce?
One simple conclusion is cost, cost for manufacturers to make and cost for consumers to purchase. It seems as if weight plays a major role, along with color options too. Whatever it might actually be that has caused the near extinction of the strongest shaft ever will remain a mystery. But for all that are aware of it greatness, we salute you for a great run!
-- Marty Bulhoes, Store Manager, ComLax Braintree

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Friday, February 25, 2011
Dyed vs Chromed/Cosmetic Plated Lacrosse Heads

Is it a battle of good vs evil, right vs wrong or just one way to stand out verses another? It's becoming more frequent in lacrosse to see lees "solid white" lacrosse heads out there. I'm not just talking about a lacrosse stick's pocket makeup but the actual lacrosse head itself. There are a few common means to promote the "flare" you intend - dyeing, chrome plating and/or cosmetically painting or brushing your head.
What way is the best? Is there a best way? Is it all personal preference? This all could be a fad, but if so why did the head dyeing fad live strong in the late '80s to early '90s and now, most recently, resurface like a repeating clothing trend from years past? Will the chrome/cosmetic processes follow suit, even though it's not as durable as dye?
Will the old phrase "an all white stick/pocket hides the ball better from the goalie" ever have meaning again?
--Marty Bulhoes, ComLax manager, Braintree, MA

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Lacrosse Observations

After watching a couple college lacrosse games from this past weekend (Syracuse vs Denver & Duke vs Notre Dame), the "gear junkie" in me started paying more attention to what players were rocking for equipment rather than the game itself.

A few interesting observations were...

  • Duke was wearing an airbrushed metallic royal TII helmet - almost EVERYONE on Duke & Denver was using a Brine Clutch X or Brine Clutch  X6 - one of Duke's & Notre Dame's F-OFF men were using a Warrior Emperor x6, interesting!
  • The Nike Vapor Elite SU gloves looked sick!
  • Syracuse likes to rock the chrome wands!
  • STX Surgeon10 was in full force on a good portion of 'cuse's players - Notre Dame's all gold cascade lids were sweet! (we have a sample of this helmet at our Braintree store)
  • Cuse & Notre Dame look strong!

--Marty Bulhoes, ComLax Store Manager, Braintree, MA

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Where Are They Now?

Listed below are some current/former ComLax employees and what they are doing now in college lacrosse.

During the past 3 years, I have had the distinct pleasure of working alongside some great people and great lacrosse players. Many of these folks provided great insight and knowledge about the game and touched the lives of many customers. This spring many of these gentlemen will take the field for each of their respective institutions.

Danno Lynch (Medfield, MA/Avon Old Farms). Danno is now a mid-fielder at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. After a strong 2010 campaign (33-8-41), Lynch returns to Gettysburg as one of the top mid-fielders in Division 3. Lynch says “Baltimore or bust!”

Quinn Cully (Duxbury, MA). Quinn is now a mid-fielder at Notre Dame and a great athletic player who saw action in ten games last year for the Irish, who were the national runners up in NCAA Division 1. Quinn looks to improve on a great freshman campaign, so look for him to have a break-out sophmore year.

John Fitzgerald (Hingham, MA). John now plays attack at Syracuse University. A prolific scorer in high school, Fitzy led the Harbormen to the Massachusetts Division 2 championship. Prior to Hingham, John played at the Rivers School in Weston, MA. During the summer months, he ran with the Fighting Clams select team. This fall John took his talents to powerhouse Syracuse, where he looks to add some depth at attack to a very highly touted freshman class.

Ryan Holbrook (Braintree, MA). Ryan played for Braintree High School and is now a defenseman at  UMass Dartmouth. “Breezy” started in all games at close defense for the Coursairs and after some significant time as a freshman, Coach Feroce at UMass looks to Holbrook to anchor the defense on this year’s squad.

I know I have omitted some folks (sorry guys) but promise to re-visit as more time permits!

--Kyle Prussing, Manager of ComLax, Franklin, MA

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Monday, February 21, 2011
Lacrosse in New England

 Enhancing Your Knowledge Of The Game 

By Kyle Prussing, Manager of ComLax in Franklin, Massachusetts
For many young children and adults, lacrosse is somewhat of an unfamiliar sport. As the sport continues to grow at a staggering rate, it seems beneficial to enhance your knowledge of the game. Many of us have busy schedules and it is often hard to put family activities on the back burner. I have compiled a few suggestions that will be both beneficial to both your child and yourself.
Although many perceive lacrosse hotbeds only existing in places like Baltimore and Long Island, many tend to forget about lacrosse in New England, which is home to some of the finest Universities and Athletic programs in the country. For most, these places are only within a 15 or 20 minute drive and once you arrive on campus, you’ll find that you won’t be disappointed!  Most of the programs listed below are Division 1, 2 ,3 or club. I hope that you can take a few hours this spring and catch the action of one of the fastest growing sports in America.
  • Tufts Univeristy, Medford, Massachusetts (Division 3): 2010 national champions, NESCAC Conference, games to watch include Middlebury, Connecticut College and Bowdoin
  • Harvard University,  Cambridge, Massachusetts (Division 1): Ivy League Conference, games to watch include Princeton, Cornell, Brown
  • Bentley College, Waltham, Massachusetts (Division 2):  Northeast-10 Conference, games to watch include Merrimack, Le Moyne, Adelphi
  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts (Division 1): Colonial Conference,  games to watch include Hofstra, Army, Syracuse, Deleware
  • Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts (Club): games to watch include Northeastern
  • Bryant University,  Smithfield, Rhode Island (Division 1): Northeast-10 Conference, games to watch include Army, Dartmouth, Providence
Another New England Lacrosse event worth seeing is the 2011 New England Classic on Saturday, April 16, 2011 @ Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, where you'll be able to see Syracuse University vs. Providence College AND Princeton University vs. Dartmouth College
I hope you all find this info helpful and will take the time to get out, enjoy, watch and support the great game of lacrosse. I promise this will be a fun event and provide valuable insight for both you and your child.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011
Select Lacrosse Teams

When it comes to select lacrosse teams, I wonder: do they benefit the player or the program?

After being involved with a few "select" lacrosse organizations over the years, I'm starting to wonder if the right intention is there? With the sport of lacrosse growing at the rate it is, it seems anyone that has the slightest bit of lacrosse knowledge and access to the proper equipment/facilities can start lacrosse leagues, camps, teams, etc with very little effort.
The term "Select Team" used to be a title pertaining to an elite or advanced status. Nowadays, it seems like "select" teams are popping up everywhere, which, in a way, appears to water down the talent pool or provide individuals who couldn't make their team of choice a second chance, or means of redemption. 
Now I ask -does this benefit the lacrosse player or the lacrosse program? Is the average John Smith, who failed his or her attempt at one team make them a stud on another? Does that produce a false sense of hope for the player? Are the programs doing it for the right reasons or does it all just boil down to dollars? 
Who really gets the most out of it?
Discuss! How have your experiences been in regards to select teams? Is this just growing pains for the fast-growing sport of lacrosse?
--Marty Bulhoes, Comlax Store Manager, Braintree, MA

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Friday, February 11, 2011
What's In My Bag, Part Deux

Our ongoing series details the gear our own Comlax store managers are using. Checking in this time is Kyle Minaker, who manages our sweet ComLax store up in Dover, New Hampshire. The growth of lacrosse in New Hampshire and all of New England has been very very impressive the last few years and Kyle is in the heart of our New Hampshire presence. Let's go digging through his own gear bag:

The go to stick at the moment is a STX Surgeon (white) with 6 Diamond Rubber mesh all-white strings on an STX SCI-TI Pro. I'm digging the stiffness and lightness of the new Surgeon - it reminds me of a new age Clutch, and the rubber mesh adds a new realm for my whip. The back-up wand is a yellow Brine Clutch with white 6 diamond mesh, grey strings, on a Warrior Dolomite TTM. I'm rocking an all Black Cascade CPX-R with chrome mask full tilt, with a black chin and orange straps. Next is the STX G-22 shoulder pads, STX K-18 Arm Guards white and silver, and my white with black original Kings for gloves. For footwear I have a pair of Nike Speedlax 2 white and black. for cleats, and original Michael Vicks for Turfs. Normal accessories include granola bars, bananas, water, powerade, black mid-calfs, baggy shorts, dangle and sty.


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Tuesday, February 08, 2011
What's In My Bag?

Marty Bulhoes is the store manager of one of our more heavily trafficked lacrosse stores, the Comlax in Braintree, Massachusetts. We check in with him today about what he's using these days for lax equipment, in a series we will appropriately call "What's In My Bag?" We know, creative!

What's in Marty Bulhoes' bag, you ask? Wonder no more!

Stick:  Warrior Evo Pro 2.0 (all white, no "flash" here!) w/ old school Brine Titanium D-Pole (cut down)

Helmet: Cascade Pro7 Chrome

Gloves: Warrior Sugar Daddy

Pads: STX Cell Arm Guards

Cleats: Warrior Burn 4.0's

Stay tuned for more....

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OK, so we're pretty serious about the sport of lacrosse. And yeah, we're pretty serious about selling lacrosse gear and apparel. But that's more or less where the seriousness stops. I mean, after all, we sell sports gear. We have a dog running around the office and some loud people. We're not exactly contributing to world peace or solving the world's hunger problems - as much as we'd like to.

When we launched the new website a few weeks back, it opened the floodgates for a bunch of new stuff that we can do digitally. One thing you'll see a lot of from us this year is video. We'll do a bunch. Tutorials, product guidance, product descriptions, blah blah blah. Anything we can dream up that'll help you find the product you need and get the information you need about it, we'll do it. You can already see the fruits of some of our labor just by clicking around our website or visiting our YouTube channel, called Comlaxify.  

With all the videos we shoot, there are bound to be gaffes. Goofs. Golly-gee's. And we are not above showing them to you, because they are funny. So here is the first installment of the Comlax gag reel, brought to you by the Comlax Marketing Department and our Braintree, MA store manager, Marty Bulhoes. Good times were had by all!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Lacrosse Goalie Heads & Sticks

Kyle Prussing, who manages our Comlax store in Franklin, MA, checks in with some recommendations for goalie heads:

STX ECLIPSE -- The STX Eclipse is the first open sidewall goalie stick with one of largest stopping areas of any goalie head. The Eclipse is a goalie stick with the passing accuracy of an attack stick. The Eclipse has a streamlined scoop and a perfect blend of stiffness and flexibility. The Eclipse has been a player favorite for 9+yrs.

STX GOAL MASTER -- Just ask your dad or coach. The most popular goalie stick in lacrosse for the last 20 years. The Goalmaster is excellent for beginner goalies through collegiate level play. Stiffness of head allows greater ease in clamping and scooping. A must have in any goalies twig collection. 

WARRIOR NEMESIS -- This head is for all you playerz out there who like to play aggressive between the pipes. Flared sidewall offers optimum stopping area and ball control. Slightly heavier mold provides greater stiffness and durability. Nemesis is still used by many elite goalies throughout the world.

WARRIOR VOID LYTE -- One of the lightest goalie heads in the game helps for faster reaction times and more eye-opening saves. The lightest goalie head on the market to date at 9.3 oz. Offset design provides outstanding ball control and passing accuracy. A player favorite for years to come.

WARRIOR VOID -- Created by some of the top goalies in the MLL. The Voids offset patent design offers better ball control and passing accuracy then many in its class. If you are looking to fill a VOID in your game this heads for you.

BRINE ERASER -- Offset design provides maximum pocket depth and ball control. Still a favorite of many of the games top keepers. Multiple stringing holes allows perfect set-up for custom designed pockets. 10.8 oz creates a perfect balance for players of all ages.

BRINE MONEY -- A MONEY stick for any player who is brave enough to stand between the pipes. Weighing in at 11.4 oz this head creates a perfect balance for players of all ages. With this stick you don't have to have $$$$ to be money.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It feels like it's been YEARS of work (and maybe it has), but we'd like to be the first one to welcome you to our new website! This is a big deal for us. As you can see, it's a complete, 100% overhaul of our old site. The very creative people who work for ComLax have NO shortage of ideas about things we should include on a website, but if we entertained all of those ideas, it would probably be another 2 years before we'd launch it! So we smashed everything we thought was best suited for YOU into this website - a place to purchase, learn, see videos, get equipment guidance from human beings - and of course see all the latest and greatest gear.

A note, though - there are many, many changes from our old site. For more information on how to actually use all the new features, including an incredibly helpful new search and navigation tool (among many other new features), click right here. We've put together a crash course for you - with pretty pictures - to get you comfortable with the new digs as quickly as possible. 

As far as what else is new, we think that there's a lot to like here, if we may say so ourselves. There is now video for a lot of our products to help you get familiarized with what you're thinking about buying. The more information the better! Some videos are provided by the vendors (STX, Brine, etc) and some will be shot here at ComLax. Stay tuned in 2011 as we really increase our video presence.

Our product descriptions aren't just cut-and-pasted from vendor books, as some other lax sites are prone to do. You're more important than that. So we undertook quite a project during the building of this new site - we enlisted some lacrosse experts to re-write almost ALL of the product descriptions. That's right - they're all written by people who work here and KNOW THE GAME. We're proud to say that our descriptions actually have a personality! Much of it was written by our store managers - this is a group of guys who are as crazy about lacrosse as you could possibly imagine. You will get to know them more in 2011. Trust us.

Other stuff: 

  • Our store location pages have been greatly enhanced. You can now get easy access to store hours, maps, directions, manager bios and photos & video tours for each store. 
  • We've made huge strides consolidating categories. It's a much more simple site to navigate and find stuff, as all the important lax stuff you need is along the top of the site on those sweet hanging scorecards (which seem to be most people's favorite part of the site). 
  • In addition to better search and navigation, the traditional search box has also undergone a tremendous upgrade. Try it out!
  • We also love the mouseover on the shopping cart icon so you can see what's in your cart without actually having to GO to the cart.
  • Meet Bro Jackson! That little cartoon guy running around our site was designed in-house to keep things light and fun. He's the guy who's "saying" all those product descriptions. You can also buy apparel with the Bro Jackson theme as well.

In short, the recurring theme we had in mind as we designed and built this beast was one word - SIMPLICITY. We wanted to create as simple, seamless and easy a process for you as humanely possible - and while we feel like we've achieved that with what you see here, we're not done. A few features are still to come and we'll keep those close to the vest for now! But stay tuned, because it's gonna be a fun ride.

With change, there's always pain points. The one bummer about our complete online overhaul is that you'll need to establish a new account with us. Your old information (login, email, card info) was not something we were able to bring with us to the new site. It only takes a minute to sign up, though, so go ahead and do that here, won't you?

As always, feel free to share any feedback about the site. As always, YOU are the reason we are here, so we thank you for all of your past and future business.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Product Restrictions Apply

“Product Restrictions Apply.”

You see that statement in many, many, many advertisements for retail sales of all kinds. Judging by your Facebook posts and emails to us, you’ve certainly seen that statement it in our ads as well. It’s not because we’re trying to confuse you or make your life difficult. We promise. It’s hard enough to get through all the noise out there and convince you that buying something from us is your best bet.

So why is that pesky little statement in all of our ads, you ask? Because we have to have it there. We live under the rules and regulations of our vendors (Brine, Reebok, STX, Warrior, et al) when it comes to advertising sales & deals. There is something called “MAP” that all of the lacrosse retailers abide by. MAP stands for “minimum advertised pricing” and there are certain products – mostly all the newer stuff – that we are not allowed to sell under a certain price. If any retailer does sell for UNDER a MAP price, that retailer runs the risk of not being able to sell that equipment anymore. So it’s not a much of a choice – if Brine, Reebok, STX or Warrior stop making their product available in ComLax stores, you ain’t coming!

So we abide by it and we accept it without hesitation. We understand it. We follow it.

Now, on the web, it’s even more stringent. We cannot advertise under MAP on the web either, but we have further restrictions. We can’t even advertise free giveaways on the web. For example, if we advertise that you get a free sticker or t-shirt with every order, that is against MAP policy. We can actually do that and we have, on some occasions, given away free shirts with web orders, but we just cannot advertise it. If we advertise a 20% off sale on the web (like we will be having August 12-19th), we have to let you, the shopper, know that a certain item cannot be discounted right there on the web product page or in the shopping cart. ComLax chooses to do it right on the product page so you don’t put it into your cart – we think that’s a better customer experience online than what some other retailers do – which is letting you know there’s no discount only after you put the MAP item into your cart. So this is how we do it:

An example of a MAP product online

MAP Product

We figure this method saves you the time of having to remove something from your cart if you don’t want it.

The complexity with web retailing when using MAP products is an interesting animal. For example, a retailer might think they can skirt MAP by just discounting an item automatically when it goes into the cart. A retailer cannot do that. Why? Because even when a customer is looking at their cart, ready to check out and there’s a discount applied in the cart that violates MAP pricing, it’s still considered advertising a price. See? Complicated.

Let it be said here, however – we will always try to get you the best deal we possibly can and we hope that you’ll shop with us during our week long web sale from August 12-19, because you will get some great deals. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed one bit — and saying that is not a MAP violation!

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Monday, November 22, 2010
Cascade CPX-R Review

Terry Soloski checks in today with a review of the Cascade CPX-R lacrosse helmet. Terry manages our ComLax store out in Berlin, MA. There is a lot of buzz out there in laxville about the technology of this helmet and it's currently available right now at our site and one of the cooler things about it are the unlimited customization options!
Anyway, here's Terry's thoughts on the helmet:

The CPX-R is the newest helmet in the Cascade family. The design is a mix between the original CPX and the popular Pro 7 model. This new helmet will replace the original CPX and it's a lighter, balanced helmet with the technology of the successful Pro 7. Below is a detailed description of the helmet before it hits the market in early September.The front of the helmet looks very similar to the original CPX with the visor being separate from the Shell (the Pro 7's are molded to the shell).
Unlike the Pro 7, where you only had two options for the cage of the helmet (black or chrome), you will be able to select a titanium cage for a modest up-charge. By bringing back this option, you can now make this helmet even lighter than it already is.As you look at the shell, one feature is the ridge on the back. The idea behind this feature is to help balance the overall weight of the helmet. This helps create a better weight distribution throughout the entire helmet instead of making it front heavy  -which was an issue in the Pro 7 with certain customers we heard from. Also, you will notice the lines throughout the shell. This design was actually inspired by auto design and gives the helmet a new sleek look.
The interior of the helmet uses the same technology as the Pro 7 with the SevenTech liner system. How this liner system works is that it displaces energy from a direct impact to the helmet -  a must have in a concussion prone sport. Also featured in the CPX-R is the popular SPRfit hardtail, used in the CLH2 and CS models. This allows the helmet to be adjusted from XS all the way up to XL, meaning no more worrying about holding onto size pads.
The CPX-R is available now on our website, just click here and you’ll find everything you need, including some pretty deep customization options.

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