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  • 2015 NCAA Lacrosse Championship Weekend Wrap-up

    The first week of the college lacrosse playoffs were about as exciting as could be expected. We saw everything from a goalie goal to a hidden ball trick to upsets. Read More

  • Review: Brine King Lacrosse Head

    The new Brine King X lacrosse head is designed with shooters in mind. The face is longer than other standard lacrosse heads on the market, giving the ball better transition time out of the pocket and an increase in velocity and shot power. The new Strategic Core-Tech™ sidewall design also creates a pocket for increased shot accuracy, and the new throat construction eliminates excess weight in the head. Read More

  • STX SuperPower+ Limited Edition Lacrosse Head

    Limited Edition lacrosse heads are becoming all the rage lately, with the Warrior Blade OG, the Rabil Gold head and STX's Stallion U500 all released within the past year. As long as those heads keep generating the buzz and sales that those three did, you can expect the parade of Limited Edition heads to continue. Read More

  • Epoch Hawk Lacrosse Head Review

    In the 90's, the game of lacrosse introduced a revolutionary technology to the way heads were shaped, labeled as the "Offset". This game-changing design gave the lacrosse head "more feel" of the ball when shooting, passing and cradling. For years manufacturers have used this "feel" blueprint to attempt to create the most innovative head design within the rules of the game. The overall dynamic of the game evolved solely because of a shift in the positioning of the ball due to head shape. Fast forward to 2014, Epoch, known for their evolutionary composite shaft technology is shocking the lacrosse industry with a head design that stands out from the rest: they call it the Hawk. Read More

  • StringKing Grizzly Mesh™ Review

    StringKing, the official mesh supplier of the NLL & MLL, released their newest line of goalie mesh, Grizzly Mesh™. Weighing in at just 83 grams, Grizzly Mesh is 25-30% lighter than other goalie mesh on the market today. The popular 12 diamond mesh pattern creates a deep pocket that allows goalies the most accurate throwing and stellar rebound control available today. Read More

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