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  • Top 4 College Lacrosse Rivalries

    The sports world is full of teams that are perpetually at odds with each other. It certainly makes good theater, as fans can get especially pumped when “their” team takes on “those other guys” and get even more excited when “they” win. Read More

  • How To Stash Your Stuff After Lacrosse Practice

    Going from lacrosse practice to class, or from a game to some other extracurricular activity, can be tough to coordinate. Not only will you find yourself struggling to organize your sports bag and sports equipment, but somewhere in all the chaos you'll need to keep your keys, wallet, and phone within easy access without leaving them in the locker room or some other location. And, if you're like a lot of other lacrosse players, you might even have a sports bag to lug around all of that. What's the best way to keep track of your stuff? Read More

  • Why Is There No Shot Clock in College Lacrosse?

    If you have been paying any attention to NCAA lacrosse of late, then you will know that there is a fierce debate going on between shot clock enthusiasts and the ones who loathe them. Lacrosse rules, at the moment, have no official shot clock at the collegiate level. Officials are told to 'monitor the game' for teams attempting to stall out their opponent and only then step in to send out a warning. This has left much of the game in the hands of discretionary refs, something that shot clock enthusiasts dislike. So why would NCAA lacrosse be better off without a shot clock? Aren't there justified concerns? Keep reading to find out! Read More

  • Recommended: Top 5 Lacrosse Forums on Google Plus

    Looking to get more involved in the lacrosse community?

    There are now more online opportunities to learn more and meet fellow enthusiasts, especially in regions where it has not yet offered as a youth or high school sport. One way to make connections is to take advantage of lacrosse forums. Google Plus is a newer social network that is focused on community, allowing you to follow along with the conversation better than you might be able to on Twitter or Facebook. Read More

  • 3 Tips For Faster Shooting

    Watch Mike Sawyer absolutely rip a 114mph shot. Pay close attention to how he generates power using his whole body during the wind up and follow through.

    Lacrosse is one of the world's oldest sports with its origins deeply rooted in North America. This sport also provides a way for many young men and women to achieve an athletic scholarship. One of the most coveted characteristics of college scouts is shot speed, because college goalies are so much faster. The following exercises will add some speed to your shot to help aspiring student-athletes can continue their education and lacrosse careers. Read More

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