Brine Edge X Unstrung Lacrosse Head (2013)



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Brine Edge X Unstrung Lacrosse Head (2013)

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Great head

On last wensday I bought a unstrung brine eadge x head that was strung by comlax it had blue hard mesh with neon green string in a sixth nation formate this was the best head and mesh job I have every had this head is outstanding with picking up ground balls great wide head so it is easier to catch balls with THIS IS HANDSDOWN THE HEAD I HAD EVER HAD MY ENTIRE LIFE
Review by Kyle posted on 6/1/2015

Great for D LSM developing middies

Flat wide scoop great for D and LSM Also great for the developing middy looking for a solid upgrade from entry level head Great for scooping grounders on the run and promotes a great pocket for ball retention both a pro and con no matter how many times I string it it always has a low seated pocket causing slower release Always a staple on a bench as a versatile back up
Review by Jay posted on 6/1/2015


I was using the Cyber pro a few years back but because of the amount of poke checks I throw I broke a couple so i decided Id move to the edge last year Held up great I throw a TON of pokes and I didnt have ANY issues My only complaint is the head could be more pinched but if you string it well that isnt an issue Also the flat scoop helps with ground balls GREAT D HEAD
Review by David posted on 6/1/2015

Great Defensive Head

This is my first year playing defense and I wanted a really strong and sterdy head that would get the job done I got this and it was perfect Not brakeable at all and with a good pocket its a beuty
Review by Logan posted on 6/1/2015

Excellent Head

I have this head on my longpole and I like it very much The headface is pretty wide so I picnched it a little bit It still works just as well pinched so I would recamend to people to pinch the head Also it is very stiff which is good becasue I play defense It can withstand a solid check without warping even the slightest bit Overal this is a very good head that I would recomend specificly for someone who plays defense of long pole middie
Review by connor posted on 6/1/2015


I have all of the Edges this one is very well designed It is a wider head than most but it can be used for any postion All in All its a great head and I would recommend buying it
Review by Trevor posted on 6/1/2015

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