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Choosing a Shaft

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Choosing a Lacrosse Shaft

For a lacrosse player the handle is a the second most personal piece of equipment in the bag, not far behind their head. Your stick is your lifeline on the field and you need to be comfortable with what stick you are using. There are many different types of handles on the market but choosing the right one can sometimes be difficult with so many different options. Hopefully this guide will help you narrow down some selections and choose the appropriate one for you!

With the innovations in the game of lacrosse wood shafts are no longer the standard on the lacrosse field. Lacrosse companies like Brine, STX, and Warrior were the original players to the lacrosse market but as innovations to equipment started happening, companies began transitioning from wood to alloy shafts. Now companies like Maverik, Gait, Under Armour and Epoch have entered and become major players in the lacrosse handle business. 

When choosing a handle one should ask themselves:

What position do I play?

Lacrosse is unique where defenders are allowed to use different sized shafts versus attackmen/midfielders who use the "short sticks" or are you a goalie who is in the middle. Your position and age level will deteremine which type of shaft you should use and which one will be best for you. 







       Defense                                Attack/ Midfield                                   Goalie

What kind of grip do I want/ do I even want grip?

There are many different variations of grip now and players don't need to tape up their stick like a candycane anymore so that they can get a grip they want. There are different variations of grip on the shaft some have a sandpaper-ish feel, some have a rubberized type grip or there is the traditional smooth gloss-type grip. Some examples are:

Sandpaper-ish: Warrior Diamond 






Rubberized: Brine Swizzbeat







 Smooth: STX K18





What type of shape do I like?

There are also different types of shapes to the handles now that all create a different feel in the hands. The traditional octagonal feel is still very popular but companies have begun to experiment with other shapes. With a more aggressive shape you will notice an increase in the handle's feel in your hand. There is no "one grip to rule them all" but you should try out a couple and see which one you prefer the best. 

Traditional: Warrior Kryptolyte






Slightly Aggressive: Maverik A1








More Aggressive: Maverik Wonderboy 







Remember you want to find a handle that will fit your needs and that you are comfortable with, you can certainly take suggestions from your friends but remember that they are not the one playing with it you are. Hopefully this will help narrow down some selections for you and now you can go out and pick out a shaft that is right for you! 

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