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Picking Lacrosse Gloves:

Lacrosse players are some of the pickiest about their equipment from the top down, we want to match our team or we want to get a limited edition color that no one else has and even sometimes we just want to stand out from the crowd. When picking lacrosse gloves we will help make it easier.

Lacrosse gloves are one of the most important pieces of equipment in your bag, you need to have a glove that will allow you to get the best feel of the stick as well as be protective enough to avoid any injuries. The glove is the main point of contact you have with your stick and in order for a player to succeed at their full potential, they need to fit correctly and have maximum protection.  We offer many different types of gloves from Brine, Warrior, STX, Maverik, and Under Armour that can provide both flexibility and protection. 







Sizing lacrosse gloves is hard without actually trying on an actual pair, but we will guide you in the best way possible. It depends on what you are looking for. Some players like to have a tighter fitting lacrosse glove and some like to have a looser fitting option. No matter what, you will be able to find a glove that fits like a glove should! Gloves range from sizes 8”, 10”, 12”, 13”, and sometimes 14”.  Here is a chart showing a breakdown based on age and weight on which size glove you should look for.





Here is a quick video on how to properly fit gloves:

Lacrosse gloves are designed to fit closely to the hand for maximum protection and a snug fit throughout. You will notice that on lacrosse gloves there are more breaks in the padding than that of say hockey gloves which allow players to get high levels of mobility without having to lose any protection. You want to have a glove that is going to fit comfortably but also correctly protect your hands.







Ask yourself - where do you hold your lacrosse stick?

Answer: In your fingertips

With that said, you need to be able to fluidly move your fingers without any restrictions so that you can handle your stick correctly and not palm it. The top of your hand should be a nice volume fit throughout the glove but not too tight where it restricts your wrist from moving freely from the rest of the glove.  Most gloves now have wrist guard that will allow your wrist to move independent from the rest of the glove while still giving high levels of protection.

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Some of our most popular glove selections:
Brine King IV 
STXStallion HD 
Maverik Rome


Goalie Lacrosse Gloves:




Until the mid-2000’s, it was very common to see goalies with the same gloves field players use. Back then, goalie gloves were not even an option. With new technology and a lot of research and design, manufacturers have now come out with gloves specifically for goalies as well.  What makes a goalie glove so different, you might ask?? Well for one thing, the thumb is completely overhauled with reinforcements because when you grab a goalie stick your thumb is the most exposed part of your hand and can be subject to getting jammed back or broken. Also, the padding on the top of the hand is increased to provide the back of the hand with great protection as well. Now some goalies choose to wear field gloves because they can be more flexible, but understand you are taking a risk with wearing a field glove. 


Some of our more popualr lacrosse goalie gloves:
Warrior Regulator 2  
Brine King Superlight 2 
Maverik Rome NXT

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