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How to Choose Lacrosse Mesh

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Lacrosse technology has come a LONG way since the original wooden stick days and now there are tons of different types of lacrosse mesh on the market. You may find yourself asking “Which type is best for me?” and the answer is: it depends.










Back in the day these wooden sticks were hand-carved and strung up with what we now call “traditional” where natural gut stringing and leathers were used to form the pocket on the stick. Yes, you did read that correctly - natural animal intestine was used to string the sidewall of sticks because it is extremely durable. In the early days of lacrosse, sticks didn’t necessarily have fully formed “pockets” like we do today. Instead, cradling was a skill necessary to maintain possession of the ball.













Over the years, innovation in the game of lacrosse brought plastic sticks to the market which allowed players to string lacrosse shafts easier and maintain their sticks better.  Players were now able to break in a pocket that was formed to their liking. Yet traditional stringing was very inconsistent in bad weather conditions, would bag out and then contract to completely mess up any work one did to the pockets.












We then transitioned into the mesh phase of the game where pieces of mesh were designed to give players the consistency they were looking for without having to take the time to break in pockets over and over again. Mesh allowed players to easily string pockets to their liking and maintain some consistency.  But any lacrosse who has ever played in the rain and not expected their pocket to be affected threw the ball directly into the ground.












This is where mesh began to change and we started to see some different forms of it that were treated to give mesh more consistency. This is where we begin to see the different forms of hard and soft mesh. Hard Mesh is great because it features a hard coating that allows it to keep its consistency throughout its lifetime. Soft Mesh is better for players who want to be able to feel the pocket well in their stick - and for beginners who need to have extra give when catching.












Now there is wax mesh, rubber mesh, thicker mesh, thinner mesh and other kinds. If you can imagine it in mesh, it probably exists.  These performance meshes have become very popular for their ability to remain consistent regardless of weather conditions. Like we said, mesh in the past would bag out and you would have to adjust your pocket or throwing style to counteract the difference in play which leads to inconsistency.

Lacrosse is all about personal style in the game and no two players will have the same pocket, nor should they. Your stick is a representation of your playing style and your game, taking advice from friends is always a good thing but remember that what works for Timmy or Tommy may not necessarily work for you. Shop Lacrosse Mesh today!