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STX Stallion Men`s Unstrung Lacrosse Head (2014)


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Regular Price: $117.99
On sale now for: $99.99

ComLax Manager Kyle Minaker says: K18 Kyle Harrison himself was the major influence for the design of STX`s newest head the Stallion. This head is geared for the all-around midfielder. The new C channel technology enhances durability for a face off middie along with maintaining the design for an offensive powerhouse. The unique sidewall design steers the head towards a higher pocket but STX has also given many sidewall holes to string to your preference. For you face off players this head has been proven to be able to pinch and pop over 100 more attempts than any other face off specific head!

Weight:5.10* Oz.
Height:10.13 In.
Head Specifications: Legal for Non NCAA play
Warranty:IN STORE:30 Days from original purchase. MANUFACTURER ONLY: 31 Days to 6 months from original purchase

*Weight may vary based on color.

No sizing chart available
Face off god by Will from Pittsburgh, PA ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

I am a Junior in high school that plays face off middie. Being a fogo, I go through way too many heads than my wallet would like. But the stallion withstood so well. I plunger and most heads just start to warp automatically but in the last month I've played 4 tournaments and it is still my "new head". And this is my second one. I anticipate using this head until I go onto college ball.

great middie head by Drew from Foxborough, MA ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

Not too stiff but not too flexible; great for an faceoff man because it doesnt warp much; perfect head for a mid to high pocket placement; many sidewall holes makes it easy to string any type of pocket

stallion by bob from bridgeville, pa ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

its incredible... strong enough for attack or defense yet flexible enough for face offs... c-channel really strengthens the sidewalls... just enough pinch...overall absolutely get it

Stallion is as good as it gets by bronson Ban from Cerritos, California ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

As i play midfield and am a faceoff guy i love it. it want warp. I have have three of them no clue why but i do! GET ITT!

Not good by Steven Rose from Lake worth, Florida ratingsratingsratingsratingsratings

I have had this head for about 5 days and its already broken. The inside sidewall snaped on the lower half clean down the middle and ive only played 2 games and 1 practice. I hope it was a manufacturing problem and it will hopefully never happen again.