How to Choose Lacrosse Mesh

When considering lacrosse mesh, there are a few types of mesh you may want to consider.

Hard Mesh - this is your most basic mesh and is sold by companies like Jimalax. The nylon is coated and compared to other mesh, it would feel a little bit harder in your fingers when you touch it. Hard mesh has minimal weather resistance but will wear out as you break it in. One big benefit is that the pocket will stay consistent and keep its shape. Shop for harder mesh like Jimalax lacrosse mesh.

East Coast Mesh - East Coast Dyes have exploded onto the market with their softer mesh which will improve the feel of the ball in your pocket. This mesh contains a wax which gives you some extra grip on the ball and will also significantly improve performance in all weather conditions. You can shop for the very popular East Coast Lacrosse Mesh here on ComLax. 

String King Mesh - String King has also rocketed up in popularity and offers both a semi-hard and semi-soft mesh. The harder mesh will be a more "broken in" mesh while the softer one will be the more responsive mesh. String King is completely waterproof and we've found it to be most consistent mesh on the market - cold, wet, warm and all other weather conditions. Shop ComLax now for all of your String King Lacrosse Mesh options.

Traditional - back in the day wooden sticks were hand-carved and strung up with what we now call “traditional” mesh, where natural gut stringing and leathers were used to form the pocket on the stick. Yes, you did read that correctly -- natural animal intestine was used to string the sidewall of sticks because it is extremely durable! In the early days of lacrosse, sticks didn’t necessarily have fully formed “pockets” like we do today. Instead, cradling was a skill necessary to maintain possession of the ball. Traditional mesh will provide you with the best feel on the ball, but also requires the most maintenance, the longest break-in and will require ongoing adjustments (due to factors like weather) to get everything to your liking.

Check out this video where you can see the different types of mesh and also the anatomy of a string job.

These days there is wax mesh, rubber mesh, thicker mesh, thinner mesh and other kinds. If you can imagine it in mesh, it probably exists.  These performance meshes have become very popular for their ability to remain consistent regardless of weather conditions. Like we said, mesh in the past would bag out and you would have to adjust your pocket or throwing style to counteract the difference in play which leads to inconsistency.  

Lacrosse is all about personal style in the game and no two players will have the same pocket, nor should they. Your stick is a representation of your playing style and your game, taking advice from friends is always a good thing but remember that what works for Timmy or Tommy may not necessarily work for you. Shop all of our lacrosse stringing supplies, mesh, sidewall, leathers and more here on!