Choosing Arm Protection

Lacrosse is a contact sport obviously and with players constantly whacking each other with their sticks, contact to the arms is gauranteed. Protecting your arms is necessary so that you don't bruised beyond belief, but also so that you can get hit but keep playing. There are now three different types of arm protection on the market labeled into different categories Arm Guards, Arm Pads and Elbow Pads.


Arm Guards have the largest amount of padding and protect your arm from the upper bicep all the way through the lower forearm with advanced elbow protection as well. Arm Guards are ideal for players who are protecting the ball a lot and don't fear playing in close quarters against oppenents. Typically attackmen and offensive midfielders will wear arm guards because they need to take a check and continue their path or move the ball.

Top Arm Guards: STX Stallion HD, Brine LoPro AG, STX K18


Arm Pads have less padding than arm guards but also provide good protection, they protect from the middle to lower part of the bicep to the upper to middle part of the forearm and have elbow protection as well. Arm Pads are ideal for players who need mobility when transitioning the ball or they just don't mind getting checked and want low profile protection. Typically two-way midfielders use arm pads but if almost all positions can use arm pads and aren't just limited to one position.

Top Arm Pads: STX Shadow, Under Armour VFTBrine King IV


Elbow Pads have the least amount of padding when looking at arm protection because like their name they are only targeted to protect the elbow. Elbow guards are great for mobility becuase of their low profile padding design. Typically these are worn by defensive midfielders and defenders who don't need to protect the ball too often and are willing to risk the amount of padding so that they can have the highest amounts of mobility.

Top Elbow Pads: Warrior Burn Def, Brine LoPro Superlight D, Maverik M3

Here is a basic sizing chart to help you determine which size of arm pad you should buy:

Hopefully now you can get a better understanding of what arm pads you should look to buy and what will suit your needs.

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