Choosing a Lacrosse Helmet

How To Pick a Lacrosse Helmet That Is Perfect for YOU!

By Will Walker  (ComLax Marketing)

When picking a new lacrosse helmet you must remember that you are selecting a bucket for your head - not everyone else’s. A new helmet is going to feel weird at first, but you must remember that a comfortable fit is the safest option. Style or price generally shouldn’t factor in making a decision. With that being said, we have a variety of different styles and brands like Cascade, Warrior and Brine. No matter what any company tells you, there is no “Concussion Proof” helmet. As a contact sport, lacrosse does carry the risk of injury, but if you have correct fitting protection the game can be made safer and enjoyable.

THE FIT- Helmets are the most important piece of equipment to fit correctly and the first thing you want to make sure of when putting a new lid on is that your head has a nice and comfortable volume fit throughout the entire helmet. You want to have just enough pressure on your head to keep it into place without it being uncomfortable.  Nobody has the same sized head as the next guy, so be aware that your head shape is unique and that’s why helmets have such customizable fitting systems in them. You want to choose a helmet best fit for YOUR head and YOUR head alone.

THE VISION- Once you have a helmet that fits correctly onto your head you want to be able to see the field and we mean the WHOLE field. You want to be looking out of the top two bars of the helmet just under the visor, this will allow you to see the entire field around you without impairing your vision. Often times you see kids who have the helmet tilted too far forwards or backwards shown here.

Improper Fit

As you can see this player has his helmet tilted back so he is looking out the middle two bars. This will cause the bars and chin piece to block your view of the ground. Also with this helmet being tilted back your throat and chin are now able to be hit and injured.

Proper Fit

As you can see here the player is looking out through just under the visor through the top two bars. This will allow the player to have a full view of the field without any view being obstructed by the chin. With the correct positioning the player now has less of a chance of getting hit in the chin or neck.

Okay now that you see all of this great fitting information you must be thinking which helmet is right for YOU.  At ComLax we bring in the BEST equipment so that you can play at your best.  Please Note – these are just guidelines on the range of helmets based on;  age, head size, and level of play, to get the best fitting helmet for your child please visit your local ComLax to get fitted accordingly.

- The Cascade CS Youth Helmet is the only YOUTH helmet on the market and is a great helmet for very young players because everything is scaled down to fit the smallest of laxers who are just getting into the game. It has fully adjustable fitting systems.

- The Cascade CLH2 is also a great helmet for any player who wants to get a good customizable helmet without having to break the bank. The CLH2 offers the SPR fit for the back of the head as well as comes in multiple different colors. 

- The CPV lacrosse helmet is a step up from the CLH2 offers a sleek design that is similar to the shape of the CPX-R and offers good protection with cascades Seven Technology. The CPV is adjustable with the SPRfit as well for a fully customized fit for the back of the head. 

-The CPX-R Lacrosse Helmet is the newest addition to the Cascade line taking the best from its brother the CPX and the Pro7 helmets to create this ultimate helmet. Lighter than the Pro7 and offers the Seven Technology Cascade is famous for. This helmet is for the higher level players who would be able to fit into this helmet. 

-The Pro7 is the Pinnacle of Cascade it is jam packed for the game of lacrosse with years of research and design, Cascade then produced the Seven Technology which is revolutionized the way helmets are going to be made for the future. Ultimate protection, sleek look and fully customizable this helmet is targeted to players who want to perform at the highest level. 


-The TII is Warrior’s addition to the Helmet market the TII offers a full one-piece shell and is taking the college game by storm. With fully customizable colors and facemasks the TII is something you will see more and more of with creative minds have a blank canvas. 



- The STr is the helmet which we sell in our Brine/ Warrior Package. This helmet is great because it offers players with customizable fit with the Oc-Loc fit system which is similar to Cascades SPR fit that locks to the back of the head.  

****** Again let this be known NO HELMET WILL PREVENT A CONCUSSION. Also that in order to take the correct precautions you need to find a helmet that fits YOUR head, not your brother’s or your dad’s head……It needs to fit YOUR head.