Choosing Women's Lacrosse Equipment

How to Pick a Head for You!

Womens Lacrosse Sticks have come a LOOOOONG way from the original wood and leather stick, but now it seems like there are a million different types of heads, which leads to the age old question "Which one do I pick?"

Well, ComLax to the rescue! It's true there are a TON of different lacrosse heads on the market, but you need to pick one that is right for YOUR style of play and position because YOU want to have the correct equipment when going into battle.  When choosing a head, you must remember:  "its not the wand, its the magician." But hopefully this guide can at least point you into the right direction.

Head general specifications

Sticks for Beginners

If you are a newcomer to the sport of Lacrosse and are looking to work on the basic skills needed to advance consider the Debeer NV3.   These heads offer beginners a wide range of catching areas and moderate angled scoops that will help players learn the basics of catching, throwing and scooping ground balls.

Next level Heads – High School and College

After basic skill development, players have the opportunity to purchase heads that allow for specific playing styles, or how a player prefers to catch and throw.  Consider the Amonte and DeBeer Rapture for a more unique style of play that fits you as a player.  Additional options can be added to these heads as they are for a higher level of play. 

How to pick Goggles

Choosing the appropriate goggles for a player can be difficult.  The best way to approach goggles is by physically trying a pair on.  This allows for a player to see what comfort style they prefer, which style is best, and finally which pair is the most aesthetically pleasing.  Consider STX 4Sight ProSTX 4Sight+ or Under Armour Illusion goggles to start the process of picking the perfect pair.

Choose a Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are essential to Women’s Lacrosse and come in a variety of styles and colors for players.  Similar to goggles, a player should choose a mouth guard that is comfortable and pleasing to them.  Mouth guards are molded specifically to the player, so comfort and color are key the buying process, and consider Shock Doctor mouth guards

Should I use Gloves?

Gloves in the women's game are entirely optional and it is up to the player if they want to wear them or not. You will typically see girls wearing gloves if they play in cold/ bad weather conditions or if they have recently recieved a check to the hands and want some padding. If you are looking to get some gloves we recommend checking out something like the Under Armour Illusion or the Brine Silouette

These are all general guidelines to the three basic needs for a women’s lacrosse player.  Lacrosse is a game of individuality in a team sport which is why players see many different combinations.  Pick a head, goggles, and mouth guard that suit your needs for developing your play in lacrosse.