ComLax offers lacrosse helmets at all price levels, from beginner level all the way up to what the Pro and Division 1 college players wear. The most popular helmet brand by far is Cascade, who have been producing high quality lacrosse helmets for many years. We offer a huge variety of Cascade helmets and also offer you the ability to customize almost each and every part of the helmet. Brands such as STX and Warrior have invested a lot of time and money into helmet technology and have started producing lacrosse helmets recently as well. The most important factor in choosing a helmet is twofold - technology and safety. Here at ComLax, we recommend taking a look at our guide to fitting a lacrosse helmet properly. No helmet can prevent concussions, but a properly fitted helmet minimizes the risk. You can also refer to our ComLax Helmet Weight Database to check the weight of a lacrosse helmet to help you along the way.

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