StringKing Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick

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StringKing Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick

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How is a complete stick this awesome?

Review by JefferyLaxer343 posted on 3/8/2016
This stick is incredible. I cannot believe that a complete stick of this quality is finally hitting the shelves. I have gone through so many terrible sticks that my friends say they can string up but just end up not working out. But I bought this stick was perfect right off of the shelves.

Complete stick for my kids

Review by LaxDadfrom1974 posted on 2/15/2016
I recently was informed of Stringking through a family friend who had been following their social media pages. He spoke of their development platform for inner city groups trying to bring lacrosse into the community. I checked out their page and saw that they were coming out with a stick that kids could start up. I have two young kids whom I've wanted to get involved with lacrosse. So far I have only managed to get them flimsy, low-end sticks that they can fiddle around with in the backyard (They're 4 now). Now that they are getting a little bigger i figured I'd get them a full stick that they could use when they started in the youth program. From the get-go, I've been unable to get them out of their hands. They've been outside and in our basement playing lacrosse more than in the living room watching tv. These sticks were first just a reason to get them started with lacrosse, but now I have to find a way to get them to come in for dinner. This option provided me and my family with the best value and seems to me that it is a great start for kids new to the game. This is a cost-effective product that i would recommend to any parent looking to get their kids into the lacrosse.

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