STX Shield Unstrung Lacrosse Goalie Head

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STX Shield Unstrung Lacrosse Goalie Head

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Great Product

Review by Goalie Mom posted on 11/25/2016
My 14 year old Son will only use STX for his Goalie heads. Great dependable product. This is the 3rd one he has purchased over the years of being a goalie

All around great

Review by Matt posted on 6/1/2015
I broke my eclipse last year I then bought the shield and it has performed better than i could have hoped for It is very solid all around It does everything STX says it should I would recommend it to anyone

STX Shield

Review by Joseph Varela posted on 6/1/2015
This head is very durable I have 2 and both have lasted me since they first came out The CChannel Technology is amazing and really keeps the head stiff The throat design is so comfortable compared to other heads on the market Overall this is the best head for you buck and will last you a while

Solid head

Review by Mike posted on 6/1/2015
I am use to the eclipse So when i first saw the shield i had to get used to some things For example the handle on the shield is somewhat uncomfortable but that is most likely because i am use to the eclipse The shield is for a higher level goalie It is extremely durable I would recommend the shield I hope i helped

Great upgrade from the Eclipse

Review by Andrew posted on 6/1/2015
I picked up a couple of these during the huge sale here at comlax The cchannel design is a great idea and seems to work havent had a reall opportunity to notice It does way a little more then the eclipse and is noticeable but you can easily get use to it My favorite feature is the throat design it has such a comfortable natural feel to it

STX Shield

Review by Chad posted on 6/1/2015
This is honestly the best head I have ever owned It has the best parts of all of my favorite heads It is a little heavier than an eclipse but not as heavy as a nemesis It was the perfect balance between strength and weight Also I got it at my local comlax on sale and it was only 77 dollars including all of the stringing materials However it is worth its 110 price This head will last forever and its c channel technology ensures it It has more stringing holes than any head Ive ever seen so stringing it up was a breezeIf you arent playing with this head your game hasnt reached its full potential

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